Buy / Sell Moonwalks and other Inflatables Here

We are at the end of our 2015 season and will be making room for new inflatables and arcades for 2016!! We are making room for our new equipment and need to sell some of our used equipment. If you have ever considered owning an inflatable, bounce house, Moonwalk, jump house, slide, or obstacle course buying a used one is a great place to start. Give us a call to take advantage of our equipment that is priced to sell. All inflatables come with a blower. All items can be shipped nationwide.

If you are looking to sell your equipment, let us know and we may be interested in purchasing it.

Note: Most pictures on this page are the stock manufacturer pictures. Let us know what items you are interested in and we will take a current picture of the item and send it to you prior to purchasing.  Whether you are looking to purchase bounce houses, slides, obstacle courses, or carnival games.  We typically have something that will fit what you need.

  • fishermans_bait_sport_fishing_arcade_game_rental
    Fisherman’s Bait Arcade Machine
    $295(Rent) $595(Buy) - 36"Lx27"Wx72"H
  • silent_scope_arcade_game_rental
    Silent Scope Arcade Game
    $595 Used
  • Obstacle Course Rental
    40′ Sprint Obstacle Course
    $1,995 For Sale 40'Lx9'Wx10'H
  • Popcorncart
    Antique Popcorn Cart
    $395 Used
  • carnival game rental Naperville
    Midway Inflatable Carnival Game Rental
    $1,895(sale price) OR $395(rental price)- 30'Lx15'Wx13'H
  • Slam-Dunk-Basketball-Court
    Slam Dunk Basketball Court
    $1,495(sale price) OR $495(rental price)- 10'Lx10'Wx14'H
  • Velcro-Sticky-Wall
    Velcro Sticky Wall Rental
    $1,495(sale price) OR $495(rental price)- 25'Lx12'Wx17'H
  • Caterpillar-Crawl-&-Play
    Caterpillar Crawl & Play
    For Sale: $1,695 or Rental: $295 - 35'Lx15'Wx16'H
  • Ballon-Typhoon
    The Balloon Typhoon
    $795- 12' L x 15' W x 12' H
  • Castle-Maze
    Castle Maze
    $995(sale price) OR $185(rental price) - 26'Lx25'Wx10'H
  • Defender-Dome
    Defender Dome Mega Jump Rental
    $1,995(sell price) $495 (rental price) - 34'Lx34'Wx18'H
  • 18'-Giant-Inflatable-Slide
    18′ Giant Slide
    $395(rental) OR $1,595(sale) - 25'Lx11'Wx18'H
  • 18'-Palm-Tree-Inflatable-Slide
    18′ Palm Tree Inflatable Slide Rental
    $375 - 24' L x 15' W x 18' H
  • Sesame-Street-Bounce
    Sesame St. Playground
    $1,895(sale price) OR $295(rental price) - 21'Lx21'Wx10'H
  • sports bounce house combo Chicago party rental
    4 N 1 Sports Slide Combo Inflatable w/Hoop
    $1,795(sale price) OR $295(rental price) - 15'Lx15'Wx15'H
  • 4-N1-Wizard-Slide-Combo-Inflatable-w-Hoop
    4 N 1 Medieval Slide Combo Inflatable w/Hoop
    $1,595 For Sale 15'Lx15'Wx15'H
  • Bouncer-of-Monkeys
    Bouncer of Monkeys Moonwalk
    $1,195(sale price) OR $195(rental price) - 23'Lx20'Wx18'H
  • Caslte Playland
    Castle Playland Bounce House
    $1,095(sale price) OR $275(rental price) - 20'Lx15'Wx8'H
  • Party-Cake-Moonwalk
    Party Cake Moon Walk w/hoop
  • 18'-Halloween-Slide
    18′ Modular Slide
    $395 - 18'Lx11'Wx18'H
  • Going Fishing
    Going Fishing Carnival Game Rental
    Sale: $45 Rental: $25- Requires Table
  • chair_rental_chicago_white
    White with Chrome Legs Folding Chairs
    $14 Used
  • Inflatable-Birthday-Throne
    Inflatable Throne without blower
  • trike_slide_1
    Giant Tricycles / Wacky Trikes
  • costume_rental_pink_dragon
    Pink Dragon Fits Adult 5′ – 6′ 2″
    $395 Used
  • costume_rental_green_org
    Green Ogre Fits Adult 5′ – 6′ 2″
    $395 Used
  • costume_rental_ranger_red
    Red Power Ranger Fits Adult 5′ – 6′ 2″
    $295 Used
  • costume_rental_snow_white
    Snow White Wig, Shoes, Dress
    $95 Used
  • costume_rental_turtle_green
    Green Turtle Fits Adult 5′ – 6′ 2″
    $395 Used
  • killerwhale
    Killer Whale Fits Adult 5′ – 6′ 2″
    $395 Used
  • costume_rental_cinderella
    Cinderella Wig, Shoes, Dress
    $95 Used
  • costume_rental_pink_bear
    Pink Rainbow Bear
    $395 Used