Moonwalk and Slide Gallery

At the Fun Ones Moonwalk, we understand that our customers are looking for great value without sacrificing safety and fun. That’s why we only purchase our equipment from the top manufacturers in the industry. Our Moonwalks have the best bounce in the industry and the highest safety ratings! Don’t get stuck with a Moonwalk that has lost its bounce.

Bounce Rentals FAQ

Can we cancel if it looks like it is going to rain the day of our event?

If there is a 50% or greater chance for rain and you decide to cancel, you will get a full refund. Be careful to read the entire forecast. Most radio personal do not say what time of day the rain will come or for how long. Most of the time it will not rain during the hours of your party. Call the day before and let us know that you are considering canceling your rental. If the forecast is for scattered showers, we recommend you still take the moon bounce and let the party go on. If the forecast is for rain all day, we will encourage you to cancel your rental.

Can you set the Moon Bounce up anywhere in my yard?

The Moon Bounce needs to be within 75 feet of an outlet. Longer cords can be used, but the blower will lose power, as the extension cord gets longer. The ground should be as level as possible. Nothing more than an 8-inch difference in height from one end to the other. If there is more than that, the kids will end up bouncing down hill and bump into each other.

Can you set the Moon Bounce up on cement?

Yes, the Moon Bounce will be secured with sand bags rather than stakes. However, it is HIGHLY recommended that the Moon Bounce be set up on grass whenever possible. It is possible that someone could slip getting into or out of the moon bounce and hit the ground. The cement is unforgiving when this happens. There is an additional fee for hard surface setups.

Do I need an attendant?

There must ALWAYS be someone supervising the moon bounce. The most important duties of an attendant are limiting the number of kids in the moon bounce at one time and making sure that the kids are all of similar size.

How much should I pay for a Moon Bounce?

It depends. You get what you pay for – Cheap moon bounces cost less and therefore are rented for less. The higher quality jumps with the latest safety features and better bounce cost more and therefore cost more to rent. If you want the convenience of having someone deliver, setup, give instruction, and remove the moon bounce, you will pay more. If you don’t mind giving up your time, there are rental agencies where you can pick up a moon bounce in your vehicle, set it up, take it down, fold it up, and drive it back – you will save around $20.

Is it alright to tip the delivery person?

Absolutely! These guys work hard spending their weekends setting up and taking down the equipment. If the delivery person does a good job, let him know. Tips range from $10-$50 depending on equipment and difficulty of setup.

What are the rules when using a Moon Bounce?

No food or drink, no shoes, no sharp objects, no visible metal zippers, no medical conditions including pregnancy, no wresting/roughhousing, no hanging on the netting, no flips, no Silly String or Sand.

What do we do if it rains while the Moon Bounce is up?

If it rains and winds are less than 15mph, leave the jump up. Once the rain slows down or stops, wipe down the inside of the Moon Bounce and let the kids back in. The kids do not care if it has rained – they just want to jump. Note: The vinyl gets very slippery when wet, so make sure it is dry. If winds are more than 15mph the jump must be deflated and covered with the tarp behind the jump.

What if it gets really windy outside?

The moon bounces must be shut off if winds exceed 15 mph. No exceptions.

What is important to ask for when renting a moon bounce?
  1. Does the moon bounce have a safety ramp? – If not, do not rent it! If they refused to pay the additional $200 for the safety ramp to ensure the safety of the participants, do not rent from them.
  2. What size is the moon bounce? – Get the largest size that fits in your yard. The more room the kids have to bounce, the safer everyone is. A 15×15 moon bounce is recommended whenever possible.
  3. How old is the moon bounce? – The newer units have better safety features, fire retardant vinyl, and re-enforced stitching. (If you rent a cheap moon bounce and it falls apart during your rental, you may be responsible for the expensive repairs.)
  4. What type of solution is used to clean the moon bounce? – What you want to hear is that they use a antibacterial disinfectant. If they do not know, they are not using one.
What size Moon Bounce should I get?

Moon bounces typically come in 3 sizes for backyards – 11×11, 13×13, and 15×15. Get the largest size that fits in your yard. The more room the kids have to bounce, the less likely they are to bump or fall on each other. When renting a jump, make sure you know the size you are getting and make sure you do not pay the price of a 15×15 jump when you are ordering a less expensive 11×11 or 13×13 jump.

Why do I have to rent for the day rather than the 3-4 hours I think I will need it for?

We used to do hourly rentals and found that almost all customers needed it longer. The party started later or guest showed up late and/or they did not get to use the jump as much as they would have liked. It is very rare that we come to pick up a jump after an 8 hour rental and it is not being used to the last minute. Renting a moon bounce should be the least of your worries during the day of your event. Having it show up late or setup or taken down while your guests are there can be stressful and inconvenient.

Why should I choose The Fun Ones Party Rentals for my moonwalk rental needs?

We provide excellent customer service, a variety of products, and are very affordable. We are members of the Better Business Bureau, American Rental Association, and Association of Inflatable Rental Companies. Furthermore, we have been awarded the Illinois Party Rental Vendor of the year and nominated for the Midwest Party Rental Vendor of the year for the past three years. This says something about the satisfaction that we bring to our customers.

  • 3-N-1-Pirate-Combo
    3N1 Pirate Combo Moonwalk Rental
  • Castle-Double-Slide-Combo2
    Castle Double Slide Combo
  • Inflatable Slides
    Tropical Double Slide Combo
  • 3-n-1-Castle-Jump-Slide
    3 n 1 Castle Jump Slide
  • 3n1 mini fun house
    3N1 Mini Fun House
    13'L x 11'W x 8'H
  • Bounce Rental
    4 N 1 Excalibur Slide Combo Inflatable w/Hoop
  • 4-N1-Princess-Slide-Combo-Inflatable-w-Hoop
    4 N 1 Princess Slide Combo Inflatable w/Hoop
  • 4-N-1-Sports-Slide-Combo-Inflatable-w-Hoop
    4 N 1 Sports Slide Combo Inflatable w/Hoop
  • 4-N1-Wizard-Slide-Combo-Inflatable-w-Hoop
    4 N 1 Medieval Slide Combo Inflatable w/Hoop
  • 4-N-1-Crayola-Slide-combo
    4N1 Crayon Slide Combo Inflatable w/Hoop
  • 4-N-1-Modular-Combo-Inflatable-w-Hoops
    4 N 1 Modular Combo Inflatable w/Hoops
  • 4-N-1-Happy-Halloween-Combo-
    4 N 1 Happy Halloween Combo Jump w/hoop
  • inflatable 4n1 bounce house rental
    4n1 Modular Bounce House Slide
  • bounce-house-combo-frozen-400x325
    Frozen Combo Moonwalk
  • 5n1 excalibur
    5 N 1 Excalibur w/ Internal Obstacle Course
  • 5-n-1-Royal-Castle-Twister-Game
    5 N 1 Royal Castle with Twister Game
  • 5-n-1-Jungle-Internal-Pop-A-Shot
    5 N 1 Jungle w/ Internal Pop A Shot
  • 5-n-1-Scooby-Doo-w-Internal-Obstacle-Course
    5 N 1 Scooby Doo w/ Internal Obstacle Course
  • 5n1-Multi-Slide-2-hoops-outside
    5 n 1 Multi Slide w/2 Hoops Outside
  • 5-n-1-Combo-w-Graphic-Panel
    5 N 1 Combo w/Graphic Panel, Obstacle Course, Climb, Slide w/Hoops
  • inflatable 4n1 bounce house rental
    5n1 Modular Bounce House
  • Tropical-Double-Slide-with-Landing
    Tropical Double Slide with Pool
  • tropical-double-slip-n-slide
    Tropical Double Slide Bounce House with Landing
  • Castle-Double-Slide-with-Plunge-Pool
    Castle Double Slide with Plunge Pool
  • Castle-Double-Slide-with-Landing
    Castle Double Slide with Landing
  • Castle-Jump-N-Slide-with-Pool
    Castle Jump N Slide with Pool
  • Castle-Jump-N-Slide-with-Landing
    Castle Jump And Slide with Landing
  • Mickey-Mouse-Clubhouse-Moonwalk
    Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Moonwalk
  • Sports-Arena-Moonwalk
    Sports Arena Moonwalk
  • Spiderman-Club-Moonwalk
    Spiderman Club Moonwalk
  • Disney-Princess-Castle-Moonwalk
    Disney Princess Castle Moonwalk
  • World-of-Disney-Moonwalk1
    World of Disney Moonwalk
  • Disney-Cars-Club-Moonwalk
    Disney Cars Club Moonwalk
  • Super-Heros-Moonwalk
    Super Heroes Moonwalk
  • Elmo's-Sesame-Street-Club-Moon-Walk
    Elmo’s Sesame Street Club Moonwalk
  • Pirates-Club-Moon-Bounce
    Pirates Club Moonwalk
  • Peter Pumpkin
    Peter Pumpkin Moonwalk
  • Frozen Moonwalk
    Frozen Moonwalk
  • Haunted-Fun-House
    Inflatable Haunted Fun House Maze
  • Peter-Pumpkin--Moonwalk
    Pumpkin Jump Moonwalk
  • Jack-O-Lantern-Jump-Inflatable
    Jack-O-Lantern Jump Inflatable
  • Happy-Halloween-Moonwalk
    Happy Halloween Moonwalk
  • 26'-Dragon-Castle
    Dragons Castle Slide
    40' L x 15' W x 26' H
  • 18'-Halloween-Slide
    18′ Modular Slide with Halloween Banner
    18' L x 11' W x 18' H
  • Halloween-Moonwalk
    Halloween Moonwalk
    15' L x 15' W x 13' H
  • Sesame-Street-Bounce
    Sesame St. Playground
  • Mickey-Mouse-Playhouse
    Mickey Mouse Playhouse
  • Disney-Princess-Palace
    Disney Princess Playground
  • Blue-Express-Train-Station-Obstacle-Course
    Blue Train Playground
  • Animal-Playground-Bounce
    Animal Playground
  • Caterpillar-Crawl-&-Play
    Caterpillar Crawl & Play
  • Castle-Maze
    Castle Maze
  • Kids-Gym-moonwalk
    Inflatable Bouncy Boxing Ring
    15' L x 15' W x 8'6" H
  • Caslte Playland
    Castle Playland Dual Slide
    20' L x 15' W x 10' H
  • Ocean-Playland
    Ocean Playland w/4 Foot Slide
    13' L x 11' W x 8' H
  • Fun-House-Castle-Bounce-Room
    Fun House Castle Bounce Room, Ball Pit, & Slide
    11' L x 13' W x 7'6" H
  • Fun-Jump-Moonwalk
    Fun Jump Moonwalk
    16' L x 13' W x 8' H
  • Ball-Castle
    Ball Castle
    11'7 L x 8'2 W x 7' H
  • Jumbo Castle
    Jumbo Castle with 2 Hoops Inflatable
  • Defender-Dome
    Defender Dome Mega Jump Rental
  • jumbo-bounce-house-rental
    Jumbo Bounce House
    20'L x 20'W x 12'H
  • Defender Dome Jr
    Defender Dome Jr
    16H x 28L x 28W
  • Buzz-Lightyear-Moonwalk
    Buzz Lightyear Moon Bounce
  • Buzz-Toy-Story-Moonwalk
    Buzz & Toy Story Moonwalk
  • The-Incredibles-Moonwalk
    The Incredibles Moonwalk
  • Mickey-Mouse-&-Friends-Moonwalk
    Mickey Mouse & Friends Moonwalk
  • Disney-Cars-Moonwalk
    Disney Cars Moonwalk
  • Sponge-Bob-Moonwalk
    SpongeBob Moonwalk
  • Incredible-Hulk-Moonwalk
    Incredible Hulk Moonwalk
  • Transformers-Moonwalk
    Transformers Moonwalk
  • Western-Moonwalk
    Western Moonwalk
  • Superman-Moonwalk
    Superman Moonwalk
  • Batman-&-Robin-Moonwalk
    Batman & Robin Moonwalk
  • Military-Moonwalk
    Military Moonwalk
  • Madgascar-Jungle-Moonwalk
    Madagascar Jungle Moonwalk
  • Power-Rangers-Moonwalk
    Power Rangers Moonwalk
  • Space-Wars-Moonwalk
    Space Wars Moonwalk
  • Birthday Party Ideas
    Happy Birthday Moonwalk
  • Dora-The-Explorer-Moonwalk
    Dora The Explorer Moonwalk
    15'Lx15'Wx13 H
  • Princess-Moonwalk
    Princess Moonwalk
  • Finding-Nemo-Moonwalk
    Finding Nemo Moonwalk
  • Christmas-Moonwalk
    Christmas Moonwalk
  • Shrek-Moonwalk
    Shrek Moonwalk
  • Winnie-The-Pooh-Moonwalk
    Winnie The Pooh Moonwalk
  • Firetruck-Moonwalk
    Firetruck Moonwalk
    15' L x 15' W x 13' H
  • Ninja-Turtles-Moonwalk
    Ninja Turtles Moonwalk
    15' L x 15' W x 13' H
  • NASCAR-Moonwalk
    NASCAR Moonwalk
    15' L x 15' W x 13' H
  • T-REX-Dinosaur-Party-Moonwalk
    T-REX Dinosaur Party Moonwalk
    15' L x 15' W x 13' H
  • Rocket-Power-Moonwalk
    Rocket Power Moonwalk
    15' L x 15' W x 13' H
  • Ariel-Little-Mermaid-Moonwalk
    Ariel Little Mermaid Moonwalk
    15' L x 15' W x 13' H
  • Ballerinas-Moonwalk
    Ballerinas Moonwalk
    15' L x 15' W x 13' H
  • Horses-Unicorns-Moonwalk
    Horses & Unicorns Moonwalk
    15' L x 15' W x 13' H
  • Circus-Moonwalk
    Circus Moonwalk
    15' L x 15' W x 13' H
  • Simpsons-Moonwalk
    The Simpsons Moonwalk
    15' L x 15' W x 13' H
  • Water-Fun-Moonwalk
    Water Fun Moonwalk
    15' L x 15' W x 13' H
  • Blues-Clues-Moonwalk
    Blues Clues Moonwalk
    15' L x 15' W x 13' H
  • United-We-Stand-Moonwalk
    United We Stand Moonwalk
    15' L x 15' W x 13' H
  • Luau-Moonwalk
    Luau Moonwalk
    15' L x 15' W x 13' H
  • Noahs-Arc-Moonwalk
    Noah’s Ark Moonwalk
    15' L x 15' W x 13' H
  • Santa-Clause-Moonwalk
    Santa Claus Moonwalk
    15' L x 15' W x 13' H
  • Safari Kingdom Main Photo SML
    Safari Kingdom Playground
  • Stars and Stripes Moonwalk
  • Monster-Truck-Moonwalk
    Monster Truck Moonwalk
  • Royal-Castle-Moonwalk
    Royal Castle Moonwalk
  • Bounce Rental
    Palm Trees Moonwalk
  • Jungle-Moonwalk
    Jungle Moonwalk
  • Tropical Moonwalk
    Tropical Moonwalk
  • Beagle-Belly-Moonwalk
    Beagle Belly Moonwalk
  • Pony-Belly
    Pony Belly Moonwalk
  • Tiger-Belly-Moonwalk
    Tiger Belly Moonwalk
  • Carousel-Moonwalk
    Carousel Moonwalk
    15' Round x 17' H
  • Party-Cake-Moonwalk
    Party Cake Moonwalk w/hoop
    15' Round x 17' H
  • Bouncer-of-Monkeys
    Bouncer of Monkeys Moonwalk
    23' L x 20' W x 18' H
  • Basic moonwalk
    Standard Castle Moonwalk
  • Party-Palace-Moonwalk
    Party Palace Moonwalk
  • Medieval-Castle-Moonwalk
    Medieval Castle Moonwalk
  • Flower-Power-Moonwalk
    Flower Power Moonwalk
  • Party-Palace-Moonwalk
    Junior Party Palace Moonwalk
  • Happy-House-Moonwalk
    Happy House Moonwalk
  • Modular
    Modular Moonwalk