If you are looking to have Extreme Fun at your event, you have come to the right place. These items are some of the most innovative pieces of equipment in the amusement industry today. Place your order as early as possible to reserve these for your event.

  • Event Rentals
    Eurobungy Rental
    30' L x 30' W x 30' H
  • Mechanical-Surf-Board
    Mechanical Surf Board
    21' L x 15' W x 13'H
  • Adrenaline-Rush-EXTREME-Obstacle-Course
    Adrenaline Rush EXTREME Obstacle Course
    43' L x 43' W x 15' H
  • Jacobs-Ladder
    Jacobs Ladder
    20' L x 14' W x 10' H
  • Amazon Water Slide
    27′ Amazon Water Slide w/Pool
    65' L x 17' W x 27' H
  • Raoring-rapids
    22′ Roaring Rapids Water Slide w/pool
    64' L x 17' W x 22' H