Prize Equipment Rentals

We carry a wide selection of prize equipment including Prize Wheels, Money Machines, Cash Blowing Machines, bingo machines, and raffle drums.  No matter what type of give away or promotion you are having, we have the prize equipment to help.  There are multiple prize wheels with different odds and graphics.  We have the traditional bingo cage or the electric bingo machine.  Each rental of the bingo machine comes with some bingo cards.  Additional bingo cards can be added to your order for a small cost.  The Money Machines and Cash Blowing Machines are great attention getting devices for your promotion.  They attract everyone in the room.  We also carry raffle drums so you can have a raffle drawing.

  • old fashioned prize wheel rental Chicago
    Vintage Prize Wheel
    $95- 30" diameter
  • Money Machine Rental
    Hard Case Money Machine Rental
    $595- 4'Lx3'Wx7'H
  • moneymachine
    Money Blowing Machine
    $250- 6'Lx5'Wx7'H
  • money_machine_vault
    The Vault Money Machine
    $250- 6'Lx5'Wx7'H
  • LED Prize wheel rental Chicago
    LED Prize Wheel
  • electronic-bingo-machine
    Electronic Bingo Machine/Lottery Machine
  • cash_cube
    Cash Cube Rental
    $145- 4'Lx3'Wx7'H
  • Prizemoneywheel
    Money Prize Wheel 6 Foot Stand
    $135- 3'Wx6'H
  • raffledrum
    Raffle Drum 10,000 Tickets
  • pocket prize wheel
    Pocket Prize Wheel
    $135- Varies(table top or 6ft stand)
  • raffle_ticket_dispenser
    Raffle Ticket Dispenser
  • raffle_ticket_rolls
    Raffle Ticket Rolls Single & Doubles
    $5 or $10
  • bingo game rental Chicago
    Bingo Game Master Board & Cards
  • mega-event-prize-wheel
    Mega Event Prize Wheel
  • prize-wheel-1in10
    1 in 10 Prize Wheel
  • Prizemoneywheel
    Money Prize Wheel Table Top