A confetti cannon rental from The Fun Ones could be just the thingconfetti-rental-434x325 that makes your partymemorable. These things are great for weddings in Glen Ellyn, political rallies in Elk Grove Village, New Year’s celebrations in Woodridge, or parades in Evanston! No matter where you are or what your party is, if there is some kind of reveal moment, then our confetti cannon rentals can really make that moment make an impact.


We at The Fun Ones are dedicated to providing a level of service that you will be happy with. This philosophy has allowed us to rise to the top of the Illinois party rental business and prosper there. And we intend to keep improving. Here are the details:

  • Our confetti cannon rentals cost $295 per day of rental confetti-cannon-rental-front-243x325
  • They run on CO2 cannisters which you can rent from us for $120 (one time fee) or fromsomewhere else if you like.
  • The cannon can be used in single shot mode or continuous stream mode.
  • Our confetti cannons can hold up to 5lbs of confetti in the compartment. A single shot uses up about 1 lb, and continuous stream requires steady input of confetti.
  • We provide a complementary 1lb bag of confetti with each cannon rental, but you can buy some more from us or from another website. Confetti comes in tons of different colors, there’s rainbow, black and silver (great for weddings), metallic confetti, etc. The options are endless.
  • We deliver the cannon to you and teach you how to use it. You also have the option of hiring one of our staff to run it and take care of all the details.
  • We provide 24/7 support for the entire duration of your event!

If you like our confetti cannon rentals, check out some of our other audio/video rentals! We have karaoke machinesjukeboxesgreen screen photographyphoto booths, and more! And of course, give us a call if you have any questions.

  • pop_noggins_studio
    Pop Noggins Music Video
    $1,295(4hrs) OR $995(2hrs)
  • green-screen-group-before
    Green Screen Photography
    $995(4hrs) OR $795(2hrs)- 18'Lx15'Wx8'H
  • inflatable-arch
    Inflatable Arch
    20' H x 20' W x 6' L
  • green-screen-rental-snow-globe
    Green Screen Holiday Samples
  • karaoke machine rental
    Basic Karaoke Machine
  • Deluxe Karaoke Rental
    Deluxe Karaoke Machine
  • Juke Box machine
    Jukebox Rental
    $495- 3'Wx5'H
  • snow globe prop rental
    Giant Snow Globe Inflatable
    $995 for 4 hrs w/ staff OR $495 w/ no staff
  • photo-booth-group
    Open Air Photobooth
    $895(4hrs) OR $595(2hrs)
  • photobooth
    Photo Booth Rental
    $895(4hrs) OR $595(2hrs)
  • Selfie Booth Rental
    Selfie Booth Rental
    $295- 10'x10'
  • Confetti Cannon
    Confetti Cannon Rental
    $295 and up- 38"Lx15"Wx50"H
  • thunder_dome_band_shell
    Thunder Dome Rental
    $395- 12'Lx20'Wx12'H
  • video_system_projector
    LCD Projector Rental
  • Outdoor Movie Screen Rental
    Inflatable Movie Screen
    $295(10x10) OR $395(15x25)