Nacho Cheese Machine Rental – Chicago, Naperville, Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, Carol Stream


The nacho cheese machine is a must for any movie night or family barbeque event! This cheesy goodness goes great with basically anything imaginable! Prepping the cheese before your event will ensure that everyone gets to taste the warn, oozy, cheesy goodness on top of anything your guests desire!  Do not get fooled by the name, the cheese that comes out of this machine is outstanding on hot dogs, hamburgers, and dip for French Fries.

What’s Included:
Our Nacho Cheese machine comes with the dispenser itself, a bag of cheese, and the huge bag of nacho chips. This rental comes with enough servings for 75 people. We ask the customer to provide the serving bowls or plates that are needed.

How It Works:
All you need to do is place the cheese bag inside the nacho cheese machine and put on the cheese nozzle.  Plug the machine into a 20amp electrical circuit and press the ON button. It takes about 30 minutes for the machine to heat the cheese to the perfect temperature and ooze out with the press of a button!  If you purchased more than 75 servings, additional bags will be provided for each additional kit.  Place the next cheese bag in the machine while the first bag is being used.  This will allow a quick change of the new bag and the cheese is ready to be used without waiting.

Call us today to see what other recommendations our staff has to make your event a Fun One! Whether it be more concession rentals or even some moonwalks, our staff will be delighted to help. Do you have a specific theme that you would like to follow-no problem! We have rentals that will go along with any theme! So call and book today!

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