Obstacle Course Rental Items for Chicago, Illinois, Events from The Fun Ones

adrenaline rush obstacle course rental Chiacago, ILAn obstacle course rental in Chicago from The Fun Ones can provide a vibrant and striking centerpiece for all types of events, both indoor and outdoor. It’s also the perfect way to draw in guests of any age group to break the ice with some friendly competition that will keep them climbing, sliding, crawling, running, and most importantly, laughing. Give your guests a unique experience that they will bond over and long remember.

In addition, an obstacle course rental from the Chicago area’s premier party rental and entertainment company can simplify your event planning. Our obstacle courses can serve as the party theme, decoration, and of course, the entertainment!

Just a few of the products we have available for obstacle course rental in Chicago, IL, include:

  • Adrenaline Rush EXTREME 3-Piece Obstacle Course
  • Dragon’s Castle Obstacle Course
  • Chaos Obstacle Course
  • 180 Challenge Obstacle Course
  • 75-Foot Dual Lane Inflatable Obstacle Course
  • Quad Challenge Inflatable Obstacle Course
  • 65-Foot Max Challenge Dual Lane Inflatable Obstacle Course
  • 50-Foot Tropical Dual Lane Inflatable Obstacle Course
  • Caterpillar Crawl and Play Single Lane Inflatable Obstacle Course
  • And many more

Some of our obstacle courses also feature slides that can be used for continuing excitement once the competition is over.

At The Fun Ones, we pride ourselves on offering our event rental customers great value without compromising safety or quality. Rest assured that our products are frequently and meticulously cleaned and sanitized with antibacterial disinfectant at our facility, so you can feel confident that your obstacle course will arrive at your Chicago area venue in perfect condition, sparkling clean and ready for your guests.

To learn more, contact The Fun Ones today. In addition to obstacle course rental products, our expansive inventory in Chicago, Illinois, includes a full range of the very latest in entertainment equipment to suit every occasion and budget. We can supply you with a bounce rental, dunk tank rental, tent rental, and more. The Fun Ones is your one-stop shop for quality party rentals.

  • bootcamp
    Boot Camp Obstacle Course
    $1,195- 95'Lx20'Wx18'H
  • Adrenaline-Rush-EXTREME-Obstacle-Course
    Adrenaline Rush EXTREME Obstacle Course
    $995 - 43'Lx43'Wx15'H
  • military obstacle course
    Special OPS Obstacle Course
    $895 - 28'Wx19'Lx16'H
  • adrenaline rush obstacle course rental Chiacago, IL
    Adrenaline Rush Obstacle Course
    $895 - 40'Lx30'Wx17'H
  • Chaos-Obstacle-Course
    Chaos Obstacle Course
    $895 - 35'Lx30'Wx20'H
  • Obstacle Course Rental
    Dragons Castle Obstacle Course
    $795 - 45'Lx45'Wx26'H
  • adrenaline rush jr large obstacle course
    Adrenaline Rush Jr
    $795 - 26'Lx17'Wx15'H
  • 180-Challenge
    180 Challenge Obstacle Course
    $795 - 31'Lx22'Wx14'H
  • 75'-Inflatable-Obstacle-Course
    75′ Inflatable Obstacle Course
    $695 - 75'Lx11'Wx17'H
  • Obstacle Course Rental
    The Red Ball Challenge
    $695 - 40'Lx18'Wx18'H
  • Quad Challenge obstacle course
    Quad Challenge Obstacle Course
    $595 - 45'Lx12'Wx9'H
  • 64-ft-inflatable-obstacle-course-rental
    68′ Inflatable Obstacle Course
    $650 - 68Lx15Wx11H
  • Obstacle Course Rental
    65′ Max Challenge Obstacle Course
    $595 - 65'Lx12'Wx16'H
  • 52'-Mega-Obstacle-Course
    52′ Mega Obstacle Course
    $525 - 52'Lx11'Wx14'H
  • 52'-Super-Obstacle-Course
    52′ Super Obstacle Course
    $525 - 52'Lx11'Wx14'H
  • inflatable-obstacle-course-rental-50ft-zip-it
    50 Foot Zip It Obstacle Course
    $525 - 50'Lx11'Wx16'H
  • Turbo-Obstacle-Course
    Turbo Obstacle Course
    $450 - 24'Lx19'Wx18'H
  • Obstacle Course Rental
    40′ Backyard Inflatable Obstacle Course
    $450 - 40'Lx10'Wx13'H
  • 45'-Challenge-Obstacle-Course
    45′ Challenge Obstacle Course
    $450 - 45'Lx12'Wx16'H
  • 70'-Inflatable-Obstacle-Course
    70′ Inflatable Obstacle Course
    $395 - 18'Lx15'Wx16'H
  • 180-Challenge-Single-Obstacle-Course
    180 Challenge Single Obstacle Course
    $395 - 31'Lx11'Wx14'H
  • 34-ft-inflatable-obstacle-course-rental
    34′ Obstacle Course
    $350 - 34'lx13'wx11'h
  • 38ft-obstacle-course
    38′ Obstacle Course
    $395 - 38Lx13Wx11H
  • 30' Inflatable Obstacle Course
    30 foot Obstacle Course
    $350 - 30'Lx11'Wx11'H
  • 24'-Obstacle-Course
    24′ Obstacle Course
    $275 - 24'Lx11'Wx12'H