Giant Tricycles / Wacky Trikes

Wacky Trikes / Giant Tricycles

If you enjoy watching people do silly things at your events, try our Wacky Trikes (Giant tricycles). Our sturdy Wacky Trikes handle up to 250 pounds and come with large comfortable seats! We do have different sizes available so these are great for all age-ranges!

Our giant tricycles are safe and fun for all ages and are guaranteed to create laughter for everyone at the event! If they can reach the pedals, then they are ready to race. To play with the giant tricycles, 3 people choose their Wacky Trike and race in either the inflatable race track or through cones to the checkered flag. The track you choose can be set up inside, outside, hard surface or grass (track is additional cost) OR you can also choose to create your own wacky course!

The Wacky Trikes come in different sizes. Each set comes with 2 or 3 trikes and the cones. You decide which size you’d like based on the age-ranges of the event.

We are selling these for $195 per bike!

We have these available for delivery or pick up. We can deliver as long as your event is within our delivery zones. If you are not sure if we service your area please give us a call today! We currently service the outer skirts of Chicago and its surrounding suburbs!