Kids Electric Track Train Rides


Kids Electric Track Train Rides

Looking to have the most requested kids carnival ride at your event? Our colorful Celebration Train holds up to 26 riders. This train can carry both children and adults. The train can be setup indoors or outdoors. Make your reservations early, especially during the holiday season.


  • Fencing
  • Train Engineer
  • lights

There has always been a fascination with trains and kids.  This kids electric track train takes it to a new level.  Kids can sit in engine compartment just like an engineer.  This train goes around on a track just like the real trains.

This train must be set up on a flat level surface indoors or outdoors.  Indoor setups can be on carpet for hard surface and outdoor can be grass or hard surface.  No matter where it is, it is going to attract a large group of kids.  The placement of the train should be in an area that will allow a line of kids waiting to ride.