Bungee Run Rental – Hinsdale, Wilmette, Bloomingdale, Clarendon Hills

Bungee Run Rental for Hinsdale, Wilmette, Bloomingdale, and Clarendon Hills

Whether you know them as the bungee run, bungy run, tether dash, bunngy run, or by something else, one thing is for sure: these things can really bring your party to the next level. The game is simple – 2-3 runners put on a harness with a bungee cord attached to it. They line up in their respective lanes, and when the race begins, they run as far as they Bungee Run Rentalpossibly can. When they reach their limit, they slap their Velcro baggie down on a sticky strip by their lane to mark how far they got. Whoever gets the farthest wins. The hilarity is at the very apex of the run. When everyone runs out of steam, the bungee cord relentlessly pulls them back, and nobody handles it gracefully. It’s hilarious for all spectators, and great fun for the runners themselves. The bungee run is generously padded so it’s completely safe.

We rent these things out to all kinds of events – festivals in Bloomingdale, corporate parties in Clarendon Hills, carnivals in Wilmette, and school parties in Hinsdale. Bungee runs can work at a lot of different events, and can be enjoyed by a surprisingly wide range of people. We can even adjust the difficulty of each lane so that someone with a small build doesn’t have too hard a hard time. Read the details below:

  • The bungee run costs $395/day for the 2-lane model, and $495/day for the 3 lane model.
  • Energy Requirement: A 20 amp dedicated circuit for the air blower
  • Our bungee runs have a throughput of 24-36 people per hour. The exact number will depend on whether you get the 2 lane bungee run, or 3 lane bungee run.
  • We do everything for you. We deliver the bungy run to your event, set it up, make sure everything is in order, supervise it during the event, and pack it up when it’s time to go home. You won’t find this level of service anywhere else.
  • We also offer an unprecedented level of support. We give you a 24/7 hotline that you can reach us by, day or night, if you run into any problems with our products.
  • We’re a party rental company, so naturally, we have everything you might ever need for a party. This includes the basics, like tables and chairs, to the extreme, like ziplines and mechanical bulls. Take a look around our site! You’ll probably find something you like.

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