Bungee Run Rental – Wheaton, Hoffman Estates, La Grange, Deerfield

Bungee Run Rental for Wheaton, Hoffman Estates, La Grange, and Deerfield

Whether you know it as the Bungee Run, tether run, bungy run, or something else – one thing is certain. The bungee run is a constant favorite at parties, is loved by people of all ages, and constantly inspires an atmosphere of lighthearted competition and festivity. Here’s how it works. 2-3 friends get a bungee cord attached to them via harness, and line Bungee Run Rentalup in their own separate lanes. They get a Velcro baggie that they have to stick to the wall of their lane. The farther in their lane they stick it, the better. When someone can’t run any farther, the bungee pulls them right back to the start of the lane, and this is usually pretty hilarious.

The Bungee Run rental is great for many events, and can be enjoyed by people in all ages. Seriously, we rent these things out everywhere – festivals in Hoffman Estates, corporate parties in Deerfield, carnivals in La Grange, and school events in Wheaton. They’re great everywhere. Here are the details:

  • $395 and $495 for the 2-lane and 3-lane bungee run, respectively.
  • We deliver, install, and maintain/supervise the bungee run for the entire duration of your event. When it’s all over, we pack it up and take it away. You never have to lift a finger.
  • The 2-lane bungee run takes up SPACE, and the 3-lane model takes up SPACE
  • Throughput: each group takes about 5 minutes to put on the harness, do the run, and take the harness off. Your throughput will range from 24-36 people an hour depending on whether you rent the 3 lane model or the 2 lane model.
  • A dedicated 20 amp circuit for the air blower is required
  • We offer 24/7 support for our products for the whole time your event is running. If your party is at 3 A.M, we’ll still offer support. You get an emergency hotline that you can reach us by if you run into any problems at all with any of our products.
  • We’re a comprehensive party rental company – anything you might need for any kind of party can be found on our website. Seriously, we have some pretty exotic things that people don’t normally thing are rentable.

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If you have any questions about the bungee run rental, shoot us a call.