Cannon Blaster Rental – Hinsdale, Wilmette, Bloomingdale, Clarendon Hills

Cannon Blaster Rental for Hinsdale, Wilmette, Bloomingdale, and Clarendon Hills

Nothing amps up a party like some friendly competition, and we have just the thing to make it happen. Our cannon blaster rentals are some of the most popular games we stock. Perfect for festivals in Wilmette, birthday parties in Bloomingdale, carnivals in Cannonball Blaster ActionClarendon Hills, and even residential parties in Hinsdale. Kids of just about any age can enjoy this game, and we occasionally get adults playing as well!

The way you play is simple. Two teams of two people each enter the battle dome and collect as much ammo (little foam balls) as they can in anticipation of the upcoming chaos. The teams take their places at their stationary air cannons at opposite ends of the dome. When the round begins, the cannons activate and the air is filled with little projectiles! The cannons have a constant airflow going through them, so all you have to do is drop the balls in the tube, and aim! The way you win the game is by getting as many balls as possible in the nets mounted on top of your opponents’ guns, but sometimes, it seems that people aim for the other team!

  • $695.00/day of rental
  • Throughput of 120 people/hour. It takes about 2 minutes for every group to play through their turn.
  • We require 24’ x 14’ x 10’ of space to set up the Cannonball Blaster.
  • Since there are air powered cannons, and a fan that keeps the dome inflated, we require 3 circuits in order to power the Cannon Blaster Rental.
  • We offer the best customer service in the party rental industry. We provide a 24/7 emergency support hotline that you can use to contact us day or night if anything goes wrong with one of our products. We’ll be there when you need us.
  • We do all the work – this includes delivery, set up, maintenance, supervision, and take Cannonball Blaster Insidedown. You never have to worry about a thing!
  • You can hire one of our staff members to run and supervise the cannonball blaster so that everything keeps running smoothly and efficiently.

The Cannonball Blaster can be set up indoors and outdoors, on just about any surface. We’re a comprehensive party rental company, so we have just about anything you might need for any kind of party. Customers that order our cannon blaster rental often look at our other interactive games. We have mechanical bulls, giant slides, human-sized hamster spheres, rock climbing walls, Jacobs ladders, wacky trikes, and more! Just take a look around our site, there’s bound to be something perfect for your party.

If you have any questions about our cannonball blaster rentals or other party rentals just contact us! You can call, email, or try out our instant messaging service at the bottom right of the screen.