Cannon Blaster Rental – Wheaton, Hoffman Estates, La Grange, Deerfield

Cannonball Blaster ActionOur cannon blaster rental is one of our more loved inflatable games. This thing really brings out an atmosphere of excitement and friendly competition at just about every event. The game is really simple. 2-4 players climb in (we recommend 4 players – it’s more fun that way) and take their spot behind their stationary cannon. Everyone is armed with a  large collection of foam balls that they can shoot out of their cannon. The goal is to shoot your foam balls into the net mounted on your opponent’s gun. As soon as the game begins, the cannons power up and have a constant airflow going through them, so all you have to do is feed the balls into the cannon and aim!

Cannonball Blaster Inside

We rent these out to all kinds of events, ranging from carnivals in Hoffman Estates, to birthday parties in Wheaton, to school lock-ins at La Grange, to festivals in Deerfield. Just about any event is more fun with one of our cannonball blaster rentals there.

  • $695 per day of rental
  • Throughput: 120 players per hour
  • Space Required: 24’ x 14’ x 10’
  • Can be set up indoors or outdoors on a variety of surfaces.
  • You can choose to hire one of our staff members to supervise and run the cannon blaster rental. Our attendant will keep the line moving, and have the game running as efficiently as possible.
  • Our support is fantastic – we offer 24/7 day or night emergency hotline support should you need it. You can find the number at the top of your rental contract or in an email we send you after the rental goes through.
  • We make it as easy as possible for you. We deliver the cannonball blaster rental, set it up, make sure it all works properly, supervise it (if you want), and pack it up when your event is over. You’re free to worry about other aspects of your event!

Cannonball Blaster Rental Outside

We’re a full-fledged party rental company, and carry just about any kind of equipment you could need for a party. We’ve got the basics – like tables and chairs, and a bunch of more extreme stuff.

Customers interested in our cannonball blaster rentals also frequently look at our other interactive games such as our mechanical bulls, inflatable obstacle courses, laser tag, mobile ziplines, human spheres, and Jacob’s ladders.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding our cannonball blaster rentals or other items!