Inflatable Playground Rentals for Kids Events in Chicago and Suburbs

We refer to these large colorful inflatables as Playgrounds.  The Playgrounds are bounce houses or moon jumps specifically designed for kids 5 and under.  They provide a Disney Mickey Mouse Bounce House Moon Jumpstimulating play environment with bright colors and many activities to keep them busy while they enjoy the physical activity of jumping.  Each of the Playgrounds provide different activities for the kids.  The activities included in most of the bounce areas include climbing on structures, slides, ball pits, and pop up characters.

When you are renting an inflatable from The Fun Ones, rest assured that they are cleaned and disinfected with the same solutions used in the public schools.  We also provide you with a 24 hour emergency line to call if you run into any issues during your event.  You also have the option to hire one of our trained staff to supervise your inflatable rentals during your event.

  • Kid Zone Obstacle Course Playground
    $395 30'L x 20'W x 10'H
  • circus themed party rentals
    Circus Playground
    $295- 19'Lx19'Wx11'H
  • zoo party rental Chicago
    Zoo Playground
    $295- 19'Lx19'Wx10'H
  • Mickey Mouse Playhouse
    $295 - 22'Lx22'Wx13'H
  • Disney Princess Playground
    $295 - 18'Lx20'Wx11'H
  • Sesame St. Playground
    $1,895(sale price) OR $295(rental price) - 21'Lx21'Wx10'H
  • Blue Train Playground
    $295 - 27'Lx20'Wx9'H
  • Animal Playground
    $295 - 16'Lx19'Wx8'H
  • Caterpillar Crawl & Play
    For Sale: $1,695 or Rental: $295 - 35'Lx15'Wx16'H
  • Castle Maze
    $995(sale price) OR $185(rental price) - 26'Lx25'Wx10'H