The Balloon Typhoon

The Balloon Typhoon

Balloon blowing fun! Mix in kids with dozens of swirling balloons in an enclosed inflatable play area and you’ve got the Balloon Typhoon! This inflatable is blown up from the inside and has an adorable smiling face with see-though eyes so that parents can watch all the fun. (There is another window on the side as well.) The constantly moving air causes balloons to swirl around inside, up and down and side to side. Kids absolutely love it!

Theme Party Games

Fill the Balloon Typhoon with theme balloons for your party. A popular theme is the Thomas the Tank Engine party. Fill the Typhoon with Thomas the Tank Engine Balloons and combine that with the Thomas the Tank Engine Ride On Train.

Fill the balloons with small pieces of candy and have the kids catch a balloon and pop it to get their prize. More fun than a pinata!!

School, Preschool, and Daycare Center Games

The Balloon Typhoon is great fun for playing, but also for games and teaching.

  • You can give kids a task to catch a balloon that is a specific color or one that has a letter written on it.
  • Have kids catch balloons with letters and then use them to spell out words
  • Play math games with by writing numbers on the balloons and asking the children to add or subtract the balloons that they catch.

Carnivals and Festivals

For carnivals and festivals, you can attach strings to the balloons and allow each child to keep the balloon they catch. You can also put small items such as toys inside the balloon and have the child pop the balloon to get their prize.

Grand Opening or Special Sale Events

Place a coupon or raffle ticket in each balloon and have the children pop their balloon to receive a prize (like a free hot dog or drink) or a coupon for their next visit. There are hundreds of promotional uses for the Balloon Typhoon!

Operating the Balloon Typhoon

At least one adult must be monitoring the Balloon Typhoon at all times. We recommend you add 12-20 balloons and 6-8 children at a time, adding more balloons as they are popped or removed from the Typhoon.