Confetti Cannon Rental – Downers Grove, Bolingbrook, Northbrook, Park Ridge




Over the decades of party renting experience we’ve acquired, we’ve noticed something: If your party has a moment of anticipation or celebration, you need one of these confetti cannon rentals. The explosive showering of rainbow confetti gives the whole party a climactic moment of color and resolution that you can’t achieve any other way. You could be planning a graduation in Bolingbrook, having a wedding in Downers Grove, organizing a political event in Northbrook, or having a parade in Park Ridge – whatever the party, The Fun Ones has your back.



Customer service and support are the most important aspects of our service. Our dedication and attention to these two elements has allowed us to rise through the ranks of the party rental companies in Illinois, and settle down firmly at the top of the industry. When ordering a confetti cannon rental from us, it goes without saying that the level of service you can expect will be second to none. Here are the specifics on our confetti cannon rentals:

  • $295 per day
  • Powered by CO2 tanks that you can rent from us for a one time fee of $120 or from somewhere else
  • Tons of different confetti styles and colors to choose from.
  • Cannons can be used in single shot or continuous stream mode.
  • These confetti cannon rentals can hold up to 5lbs of confetti in the hidden compartment. A single shot takes up about 1 lb of confetti and continuous stream mode requires constant feeding of confetti into the cannon.
  • We’ve modified these cannons to have a wider angle cone so they cover more area when they go off.
  • You get a hotline that you can use at any time during your event to get support and help from us. We’ll be there if you need us.
  • The cannon has wheels that allow for easy movement but lock in place when everything’s in position.
  • We instruct you how to operate the cannon, or if you like, you can hire one of our staff to take care of everything.

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