Confetti Cannon Rental – Elmhurst, Skokie, Westmont, Burr Ridge



If you’ve never seen an enormous explosion of rainbow confetti then you’re in for a treat. Our confetti cannon rentals can make any party memorable. If you event has some kind of reveal or celebratory aspect to it, there’s a place for these cannons. Great for graduations in Elmhurst, weddings in Westmont, political events in Skokie, or holiday celebrations in Burr Ridge – these confetti shooting machines will get the job done.

We take our product and customer service very seriously. We believe that we owe our customers our success and treat them accordingly. You get a bunch of perks with your confetti cannon rental that are completely unique to our company. Here are the details:

  • $295 per day of rental
  • Our confetti cannons run on CO2 cannisters, which you can rent from us (a one time fee of $120), or get somewhere else if you wish.
  • Many different kinds of confetti can be loaded into the cannon. Full color, black and silver, metallic shine, and more! You can order these bags from us for simplicity, or from elsewhere.
  • confetti-cannon-rental-front-243x325Can be single shot or continuous stream. Single shot takes up a 1lb bag of confetti, but the cannon can be loaded with up to 5lbs. Continuous stream requires steady feeding of confetti. We provide 1 complimentary bag of confetti for each cannon rented.
  • We’ve modified the cone of our cannon to allow for a wider spread of confetti. This way, it looks like an explosion as opposed to a shot.
  • Has wheels for easy transport. The wheels can be locked so the cannon doesn’t move.
  • We provide 24/7 support for the duration of your rental. You recieve a phone number you can call at any time if you have problems.
  • We can teach you how to operate the cannon, or you can hire one of our professional staff to take care of everything.

We’ve found that customers who rent our confetti cannons also frequently rent our karaoke machinesjukeboxesgreen screen photographyphoto booths, and other audio/video equipment!

Give us a call if you have any questions!