Costume Delivery

Costume Character Rental Shipping Chart

Thank you for considering Fun Ones Mascot Character Costume Party Rental for your costume rental and child birthday party entertainer needs. Our costumes are more spectacular than any suit that you’ll find in a local rental store, and the delivery and return is designed to be easy and convenient for you. They will be delivered to your door in time for your event, and all the materials for a great performance and easy return are included. All major credit cards are accepted. Please feel free to contact us with questions at (866) 885-8637 or

All Costumes are For Sale for Halloween.

The following shipping fees for the Adult Mascot Character Costume Rental are approximates. Each costume has a different weight and size box. This chart is designed to give you an idea of the approximate cost for round trip shipping.

Shipping Fees to major cities based on FedEx Ground Service. US Postal Priority Mail and UPS can also be used if they are more convenient for you. To use FedEx on the return shipment, you must drop it off at a FedEx facility with FedEx employees or have FedEx pick up from a place of business. All shipments are sent FedEx Ground unless otherwise requested.

Location Price Location Price Location Price
Montgomery, Alabama 105.00 Phoenix, Arizona 145.00 Little Rock, Arkansas 100.00
Los Angeles, California 145.00 San Francisco, California 150.00 Denver, Colorado 105.00
Hartford, Connecticut 105.00 Dover, Delaware 125.00 Orlando, Florida 106.00
Atlanta, Georgia 95.00 Boise, Idaho 105.00 Chicago, Illinois 80.00
Indianapolis, Indiana 85.00 Des Moines, Iowa 90.00 Topeka, Kansas 105.00
Louisville, Kentucky 90.00 New Orleans, Louisiana 105.00 Augusta, Maine 105.00
Baltimore, Maryland 95.00 Boston, Massachusetts 105.00 Detroit, Michigan 95.00
Minneapolis, Minnesota 95.00 Jackson, Mississippi 105.00 St. Louis, Missouri 90.00
Helena, Montana 120.00 Lincoln, Nebraska 95.00 Las Vegas, Nevada 145.00
Manchester, New Hampshire 105.00 Newark, New Jersey 95.00 Albuquerque, New Mexico 120.00
Albany, New York 95.00 Raleigh, North Carolina 100.00 Bismarck, North Dakota 105.00
Columbus, Ohio 90.00 Cleveland, Ohio 90.00 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 105.00
Portland, Oregon 145.00 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 105.00 Providence, Rhode Island 105.00
Columbia, South Carolina 105.00 Pierre, South Dakota 105.00 Nashville, Tennessee 95.00
Austin, Texas 105.00 Dallas, Texas 105.00 Salt Lake City, Utah 120.00
Montpelier, Vermont 105.00 Richmond, Virginia 105.00 Seattle, Washington 145.00
Washington D.C. 95.00 Charleston, West Virginia 95.00 Madison, Wisconsin 85.00
Cheyenne, Wyoming 105.00