Dunk Tank Rental – Carol Stream, Oak Park, Saint Charles, Bartlett


Dunk Tank RentalWe at The Fun Ones have rented to tons of parties all over Illinois, and our dunk tank rentals always seem to be some of the most popular items at any event. Maybe it’s the tension that everyone feels on every throw, maybe it’s the opportunity to dunk your boss at a corporate event, or maybe people just love watching their friends get soaked. Whatever it is, our dunk tank rentals are sure to be the life of the party. We deliver them right to your venue, so you could be anywhere. Maybe you’re having a festival in Carol Stream, or a carnival in Oak Park, or a corporate event in Saint Charles, or maybe even a fundraiser in Bartlett. Wherever it is, we’ve got you covered.

We take our service quality very seriously, both on the end of the customer and on the end of our actual products. Our dunk tanks are top of the line in terms of quality. We check them for perfect functionality constantly, and clean them before every event. We also deliver and set them up at your event, as well as provide a professional attendant to supervise the dunk tank for the duration of your party. Our attendant keeps things running smoothly and leaves you free to tend to your guests or other matters.

We offer several dunk tank rentals, so you can choose one that fits your audience and budget:

  • Deluxe Dunk Tank ($295) – The biggest and baddest dunk tank rental we offer. An absolutely huge 500-gallon tank guarantees a big splash. The window is crystal-clear and unobstructed by a cage like the traditional dunk tank.
  • Traditional Dunk Tank ($225) – The standard dunk tank rental – most people rent this one. The idea is simple – throw a sandbag, and if you hit the target, the person sitting above the tank falls off and gets soaked!
  • Pitch Burst Dunk Tank ($175) – A more safety oriented dunk tank. Someone sits under a basket containing a water balloon and if the target is hit, the balloon pops, soaking the person underneath.
  • Silly Shower Dunking Booth (295) – A totally contained dunk tank/shower booth. Hit the target and the person in the booth will get soaked by the activated shower! This is for those that want the safest dunk tank ever made, or are in a water-intolerant venue. This dunk tank requires a power outlet.

The Fun Ones does way more than just dunk tank rentals. We’re a full-fledged, comprehensive party rental company. We rent anything and everything you might need for a party. We’ve got tables, tents, chairs, rock walls, ziplines, obstacle courses, photo booths, kiddie trains, and more! There’s a good chance your party could greatly benefit from one of our crazy party rentals, so take a look around our site. Please call us if you have additional questions concerning our dunk tanks rentals or other party services.