Dunk Tank Rental – Elgin, Rosemont, Villa Park, Palatine


Dunk Tank RentalOver the many years we’ve rented out party equipment, the kind of enthusiasm that our dunk tank rentals bring beat out most of the other rentals at the event. There’s something about the tension and anticipation that really attracts a crowd to our dunk tanks. These are perfect for corporate events in Villa Park, block parties in Palatine, carnivals in Elgin, or even fundraisers in Rosemont. We deliver to your event, so no matter where you are, it’s no problem.

Our company is based around providing great customer service, so here’s some additional benefits you can expect when you rent from The Fun Ones. We deliver all your rentals straight to your event, and set everything up ahead of time. We check to make sure if it works and designate one of our staff to supervise it during the event. Our attendant makes sure the line keeps moving and everybody stays safe while using the dunk tank. We offer 4 separate dunk tank rentals, each with different features and prices so that you can choose one that best fits your event:

  • Deluxe Dunk Tank ($295) – Our biggest, most exciting dunk tank rental. This thing features an absolutely massive 500-gallon tank, resulting in the biggest splash. You also get a perfect view of the person inside getting soaked.
  • Traditional Dunk Tank ($225) – Our most popular dunk tank rental, and a core staple of our party rental business. Slightly cheaper than the deluxe, but a little smaller, and it some people find the frame a little distracting.
  • Silly Shower Dunking Booth (295) – An even more safety oriented version of the dunk tank – usable for kids of practically all ages. When the target is hit, a shower is activated in the booth, and the person inside gets soaked! The dunking booth can also be switched so that the shower is activated by a golf-putt instead of a thrown sandbag. Requires power.
  • Pitch Burst Dunk Tank ($175) – A safer version of a dunk tank where the water moves and the people don’t. Whoever’s getting soaked sits under a full water balloon that bursts when players hit the target. We provide 100 balloons with this rental.

Customers who rent dunk tanks often rent some of our other party rentals. Check out our festival games. We’ve got some really wild stuff that will bring your party to the next level. Moonwalks,photo booths, ziplines, and kiddie trains are always a big hit. Don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions! Our staff will be happy to answer your questions, plan your party, and help you out in any other conceivable way.