Dunk Tank Rental – Elmhurst, Skokie, Westmont, Burr Ridge


A dunk tank rental could be just the thing that your party needs. Our dunk tank rentals have proven themselves to be some of the most popular items that we carry time and time again. They’re a hit Dunk Tank Deluxeat all kinds of parties – birthday parties, corporate events, fund raisers, festivals, block parties, and more! Everybody loves them! Dunk tank rentals add an element of tension, excitement, and anticipation that can’t be matched anywhere else. And who wouldn’t want to dunk their boss?

We at The Fun Ones consider customer service to be the most important aspect of our business. That’s why we try to throw in some perks along with your dunk tank rental. Along with the dunk tank, here’s what you get: We deliver, set up, and maintain the dunk tank during your event. We also provide a dedicated, professional dunk tank attendant that keeps things running smoothly and ensures the tank is being used safely. At the end of the event, we pack it up and go home, leaving everything clean. You don’t have to worry about the tank – worry about your guests instead.

Here are our dunk tank rental options:

  • Deluxe Dunk Tank ($295) – The largest, most impressive dunk tank we carry. This is a favorite at every party. Featuring a huge, 500-gallon tank, and a crystal-clear dunk window. This will make the biggest splash out of all the dunk tank rentals we offer.
  • Traditional Dunk Tank ($225) – The standard dunk tank rental – most people rent this one. The idea is simple – throw a sandbag, and if you hit the target, the person sitting above the tank falls off and gets soaked!
  • Pitch Burst Dunk Tank ($175) – A more safety oriented dunk tank. Someone sits under a basket containing a water balloon and if the target is hit, the balloon pops, soaking the person underneath.
  • Silly Shower Dunking Booth (295) – A totally contained dunk tank/shower booth. Hit the target and the person in the booth will get soaked by the activated shower! This is for those that want the safest dunk tank ever made, or are in a water-intolerant venue. This dunk tank requires a power outlet.

We have more than just dunk tank rentals. People interested in dunk tanks often rent stuff like mechanical bulls, photo booths, rock walls, and arcade machines. We have tons of other interactive games and extreme rides, just take a look around our site. Give us a call with any questions you might have about our dunk tank rentals or other party rentals.