Carol Stream, Glen Ellyn, Lombard, Elmhurst – Dunk Tank Rental

Dunk Tank Rental Options for Carol Stream, Glen Ellyn, Lombard, Elmhurst & Nearby Areas in Illinois

Dunk Tank RentalA dunk tank rental from The Fun Ones is sure to be the life of your next event or party. Whether you dunk your boss at an annual picnic in Carol Stream, a teacher at a carnival in Glen Ellyn, a pastor at a church fundraiser in Lombard, or your best friend at a festival in Elmhurst, hitting the target on a dunk tank provides plenty of fun and will create great memories.

A dunk tank rental is a summertime classic, and The Fun Ones offers a variety of options for events in and around Chicago, Illinois. Of course, the Dunk Tank Traditional is still available, with a large window in front so everyone can see their boss, teacher, brother, sister, or anyone else who happens to be seated inside take a plunge. Want to go bigger? We also offer the Dunk Tank Deluxe, which holds 500 gallons of water for a much larger splash.

Other options for your dunk tank rental include:

  • The PitchBurst Dunk Tank – The twist here is that once the target is hit, a balloon filled with water pops above the participant’s head and the water falls while the participant sits safely in the chair. This dunk tank gives you more choices, like filling the balloon with water, oatmeal, or confetti, and the safer design allows anyone to participate, including children or grandparents.
  • The Silly Shower Dunking Booth – This is the safest dunk tank available, featuring a completely enclosed design that soaks the participant once the target is hit. The enclosed design means the Silly Shower can be used both indoors and outdoors, and its increased safety encourages participation from everyone.
  • The Silly Shower Golf Putt Dunking Booth – Perfect for corporate events, this dunk tank is also enclosed and can be used inside or outside as well. The unique golf theme is perfect for soaking your boss at a company picnic or holiday party.
  • The Deluxe Dunk tank – Choose this dunk tank when you need to make a big splash at your event. It holds 500 gallons of water and has a large window to provide underwater viewing of the participant. Great laughs are in store with this dunk tank.

A dunk tank rental is one of the many different event rental options we have to offer at The Fun Ones. For more information about a carnival game rental, obstacle course rental, photobooth rental, or to plan your corporate events in Carol Stream, Glen Ellyn, Lombard, Elmhurst, and nearby areas in Illinois, contact us today.