Dunk Tank Rental – Hinsdale, Wilmette, Bloomingdale, Clarendon Hills


A dunk tank rental is one of those staple carnival games that everybody knows and loves. Along with our rock climbing walls, inflatable obstacle courses, moonjumps, and trackless trains, dunk tanks are some of our most successful items. Perhaps its the satisfaction of being able to dunk your boss – or maybe it’s the Dunk Tank Deluxeanticipation of watching someone fall helplessly into a huge water tank – either way, dunk tanks are hugely successful at all kinds of parties.

Whether you’re celebrating at Hinsdale, hosting a festival in Bloomingdale, planning a fundraiser in Wilmette, or just wanting to have a good time in Clarendon Hills – a dunk tank rental from The Fun Ones could be the perfect solution. We d our best to make everything as easy for you as possible. We deliver and set up the dunk tank at your event before it begins. We provide an attendant to keep it running smoothly and safely. Finally, we pack it up and haul it away after the party’s over. No hassle whatsoever.

We offer a number of different kinds of dunk tanks – with distinct feature sets:

  • Deluxe Dunk Tank ($295) – The biggest and most impressive dunk tank rental we offer. This thing has an enormous 500-gallon tank – big enough to make a real splash at your party. The cage around the tank is also much less obstructive than our other dunk tank rentals.
  • Traditional Dunk Tank ($225) – Your standard, run-of-the-mill dunk tank. Throw a sandbag at a target and dunk the person sitting above! Features a window to see the “victim” getting soaked!
  • Pitch Burst Dunk Tank ($175) – This dunk tank features an overhead water balloon bursting as the method of soaking. Safer than our other dunk tanks and a little more budget friendly.
  • Silly Shower Dunking Booth ($295) – The safest dunk tank ever devised. The player can either throw a sandbag at a target or putt a golf ball into a hole – triggering the shower in the booth and soaking whoever’s inside. Requires power.

The pitch burst and silly shower dunking booth are great if you are planning on dunking your kids! The deluxe makes the biggest splash and offers the best view, but the traditional is a timeless classic. Each one of our rentals is great and no matter which one you end up choosing, your party is going to be better for it. Give us a call with any questions about our dunk tanks or other party rentals!