Foosball Table Rental – Glen Ellyn, Evanston, Elk Grove Village, Woodridge



A foosball table rental from The Fun Ones will go a long way towards making your party more memorable. We’ve been in the party rental business for quite a while now, and we found that parlor games such as foosball are unique in the kind of atmosphere they encourage at any event. When you get foosball tables at a party, things take on an air of friendly competition, and a sort of camaraderie is formed between guests. We rent our foosball tables out to events like corporate parties in Evanston, college events in Glen Ellyn, festivals in Elk Grove Village, and even personal residences in Woodridge. Any kind of event can benefit from having a foosball table.

Customer service and support is a core component of our company. We do our best to make sure that you, the customer, are completely happy with both the product we rent to you and the level of service that we provide during the rental period. Most companies make you do everything on your own – you have to pick up the item, set it up yourself, and return it when everything is done. We’re different. Check it out:

  • Our foosball table rentals cost $295 per day
  • Things included: foosball table, balls
  • We deliver the table, set it up, and take it all down when the event is over. You never have to lift a finger
  • You have the option of hiring one of our professional staff to supervise the table
  • We give you a 24/7 support hotline in case you run into problems with our products. You can find this number at the top of your rental contract, and we also send it to you by email
  • Foosball is a great way to break the ice between people who’ve never met
  • 2-4 players on a table

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And please, don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions!