Hamster Ball Rental – Downers Grove, Bolingbrook, Northbrook, Park Ridge

Hamster Ball Rental for Downers Grove, Bolingbrook, Northbrook, and Park Ridge

hamster-ball-rental-2A hamster ball rental from The Fun Ones can go a long way towards making your party more exciting, and can give the atmosphere of your event a warmer, more humorous air. The idea of this game is simple – just immerse yourself in the daily world of a hamster (get in a giant inflatable hamster ball) and try to navigate through an obstacle course. We can set up the course both indoors and outdoors, so venue won’t be a problem. Our hamster ball rentals are perfect for Bolingbrook festivals, school events in Downers Grove, residential parties in Park Ridge, or carnivals in Northbrook. We service just about all of Illinois as well, so don’t worry if your town isn’t listed. Read the details below:

  • $795 per day of rental
  • Includes 2 hamster balls, obstacle course equipment, blowers to inflate the balls, and 2 Fun Ones attendants to run/supervise the game during your event.
  • 2 Players at a time
  • It takes ~10 minutes for a set of players to complete the track. The throughput is roughly 12 players/hour.
  • Children must be at least 10 years old to go in the hamster balls.
  • We need 20×75 feet of space to fully set up the track and require a power outlet for the blower to inflate the balls.
  • Industry-leading customer service and support. When you rent from us, we make it as easy as possible. We deliver the party rentals, set them up, supervise them, and pack it all back up when your event is over. You never have to lift a finger, and will be free to tend to your guests instead of worrying about our equipment.
  • We also provide you with an emergency support phone number that you can use to contact us by if anything goes wrong with any of our rentals. Call us day or night – we’ll be there to help.

The Fun Ones does way more than just hamster ball rentals. We’re a full-fledged party rental company, so we have tons of other interactive party games. If these hamster balls don’t quite fit the bill, checkout some of our other interactive games: we have mechanical surfboards, wacky trikes, rock-climbing walls, laser tag, mobile zip lines, pedestal jousts, bungee runs, Jacobs ladders, and more!

Contact us if you want to know more about our hamster ball rentals, or have questions about other party rental services that we offer. Thanks for visiting!