Laser Tag Rental – Arlington Heights, Western Springs, Winfield, Wood Dale

Laser Tag Rental for Arlington Heights, Western Springs, Winfield, and Wood Dale

Laser-Tag-Rental-Bunkers-2Nothing cranks a party up to 11 like an exciting, tension-filled game of laser tag. Ask any kid if they like laser tag, and you’ll most likely hear a resounding “yes!” Something about this game is addicting, because it’s proven itself to be one of the most popular games that we carry – and we have a huge interactive game inventory. Laser tag is perfect for events like high school lock-in, birthday parties, block parties, residential events, and more! We service just about any town in Illinois, so if you’re in Western Springs, Winfield, Wood Dale, or Arlington Heights, we’ve got you covered. We have two game modes:

Arena Mode: This mode is played in a large inflatable maze that’s been purpose-built exclusively for laser tag. The maze is actually one of the largest of its kind, so you’ll have no problem finding various nooks and crannies to attack the enemy from. Two teams enter at opposite sides, and one team is victorious if they disable all the enemy players.

Bunker Field Mode: This version of laser tag is played in a large, open space (either indoors or outdoors), and features large inflatable bunkers that we set up for players to use as cover. A lot of people also enjoy playing this game mode in a forest. We can arrange the bunkers however you want to adjust for player speed and skill. Flanking is an essential maneuver in this game mode, so stay on your toes!

We use lightweight, sensitive, and long-range equipment so kids of all ages can easily play the game. Instead of bulky, cumbersome vests that many other laser tag setups use, we have a headband with 360 degree sensors on it for hit detection. The guns also have sensors on them, so you can’t just blindly fire around a corner! Read more below:

  • Laser-Tag-Rental-Arena-Inside-1Our laser tag rental costs $895.00 per day
  • 8 simultaneous players (4 per team)
  • 2 modes of play – Arena Mode and Bunker Field Mode
  • 240-480 players per hour (rounds usually last 1-2 minutes)
  • POWER REQUIRED: 2×20 amp circuits for arena mode // 1×20 amp circuit for bunker field mode.
  • SPACE REQUIRED: 30’x50’ for arena mode // no minimum space for bunker field mode
  • 24/7 emergency hotline support – call us anytime during your event if you run into problems with our products. Someone will be available to help no matter what time it is.
  • World Class Service – we deliver, install, supervise, and take down/haul away all of our interactive games. There’s no hassle for you, and it leaves you free to tend to your guests.

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