Laser Tag Rental – Aurora, West Chicago, Lisle, Lockport

Laser Tag Rental for Aurora, West Chicago, Lisle, and Lockport

Laser-Tag-Rental-PlayerOur laser tag rentals are some of the most popular games that we stock, and just about every group of kids that tries it out keeps coming back for more throughout the whole party. Laser tag is one of those games that every kid loves, and our lightweight, long-range equipment makes it so that kids of all ages can easily Laser-Tag-Rental-Gunplay the game. Laser tag is perfect for a high school lock-in game in Lisle, a residential party in Aurora, a festival in West Chicago, or a birthday party in Lockport. We have two variations of the game, with a customizable layout for one of them, so we can tailor the field according to the skill and speed of the players.

Arena Mode: This version of the game takes place in a giant inflatable maze purpose built Laser-Tag-Rental-Arena-Inside-1for laser tag games. It’s one of the largest structures of its kind ever designed, and features as ton of hallways, hiding spots, corners, and other places from which you can ambush the enemy team! Two teams enter from opposite sides, and whichever team has all their players disabled is defeated!

Bunker Field Mode: This mode is played in a large open space, either indoors or outdoors, and has large, inflatable “bunkers” scattered throughout the field for players to use as cover. Agile movement and good aim isLaser-Tag-Rental-Bunkers-1 essential in this game mode, since flanking is extremely effective. Read more details about our laser tag rentals below:

  • $895 per day of rental
  • 2 Modes of Play – Arena Mode and Bunker Field Mode
  • Arena Mode is played in a large inflatable maze.
  • Bunker Field Mode is played in an open space with inflatable bunkers to use for cover.
  • THROUGHPUT: 240-480 players/hour.
  • SPACE: 30’x50’ minimum space required for Arena Mode. No minimum for bunker field mode.
  • POWER: 2×20 AMP Electrical Circuits required for Arena Mode. 1×20 AMP Circuit required to inflate bunkers for bunker field mode.
  • 8 players at a time (4 players on each team)
  • 24/7 emergency hotline support. If you run into any problems with any of our products during your event, call the hotline, and we’ll be there to help. Day or night.
  • We deliver, set up, maintain, supervise, and finally take down all of our interactive games. You never have to worry about a thing.

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