Laser Tag Rental – Oak Brook, Batavia, Glenview, Lincolnshire

Laser Tag Rental for Oak Brook, Batavia, Glenview, and Lincolnshire

Laser-Tag-Rental-Original-2Any party with a large group of kids could greatly benefit from having one of our laser tag rentals there. Ask any kid whether or not they like laser tag, and we can pretty much guarantee you they’ll say yes. We use lightweight, sensitive equipment, so kids of all ages can easily enjoy the game, and won’t be weighed down by one of those huge vests that many other laser tag setups use. Laser tag is perfect for birthday parties in Batavia, high school lock-ins in Oak Brook, residential events inLaser-Tag-Rental-Original-1 Glenview, or carnivals in Lincolnshire. We have two modes of play with totally different feels – read about them below:

Bunker Field Mode: This mode can be played indoors or outdoors, as long as there’s an open space for us to set up the cover. We set up a bunch of inflatable structures throughout the playing space for players to use as cover. Flanking is an essential technique in this mode, and the team that masters this maneuver is usually victorious! This mode is also often played in a forest area.

Arena Mode: This version of the game is played in a giant inflatable maze purpose-built for laser tag. The maze is one of the largest ever designed for this purpose, so you’ll have no trouble finding a sneaky hiding place from which to attack your opponents. Two teams enter opposite sides of the maze and the fight rages on until one team has all their players disabled. Read more details below:Laser-Tag-Rental-Arena-Inside-1

  • $895
  • 8 players at once, 4 players per team
  • 2 ways to play – bunker field mode, and arena mode
  • 240-480 players per hour (rounds take 1-2 minutes on average)
  • 2×20 amp circuit required for arena mode, 1×20 amp circuit required for bunker field mode
  • 30×50 feet of space required for arena mode, no minimum space for bunker field mode
  • We offer 24 hour emergency support via a hotline that we give you. If you run into anyLaser-Tag-Rental-Gun problems with our games during your event, call the hotline, and someone will be there to help you, day or night.
  • We have the best service in the business. We deliver, install, supervise, and clean up all of our interactive games. This leaves you free to worry about your guests instead!

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Contact us if you have any questions at all about our laser tag rentals!