Mechanical Bull Rental – Hinsdale, Wilmette, Bloomingdale, Clarendon Hills


Mechanical bulls are often thought of as a novelty. A lot of people Chicago-Mechanical-Bullhave never seen one in person, much less ridden one. The Fun Ones provides high quality mechanical bull rentals to almost any town in Illinois at affordable and competitive prices. We’ve found that our mechanical bull rentals bring an atmosphere of festivity and camaraderie to the crowd at almost any event. Nothing beats a crowd of your friends cheering on one of your own while they challenge the bull. It doesn’t matter where you are. You might be having a birthday party in Hinsdale, a block party in Bloomingdale, a carnival in Wilmette, or a festival in Clarendon Hills – we’ve got you covered.

We at The Fun Ones pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. After all, it’s what got us to the top of the party rental industry in the first place. We try and take extra measures to make sure that each and every customer has as easy a time renting from us as possible. That’s why you get some extra perks with you mechanical bull rental:

  • Our trained staff deliver, set up, and maintain the mechanical bull throughout your entire event. We try and make it as hassle-free as possible for you.
  • We have one dedicated bull attendant to make sure that every individual bull rider has a good time. This attendant factors in rider variables like size, age, physical health, etc, to customize that rider’s bull ride. This way, every rider is challenged appropriately by the bull and don’t have it too easy or too hard.
  • We have a variety of mechanical bull rentals available with varying rental prices, safety rings, themes, and spacing requirements so that you can find one that fits your party perfectly.

The Fun Ones is also a comprehensive party rental company. We have any kind of item you might need for almost any kind of party, ranging from mundane every-day items to some really exotic rides. We have things like tables, chairs, and tents, for basic party needs. On the other hand, we’ve also got some extreme rides like a mobile zipline, survivor inflatable obstacle course, rock climbing walls, dunk tanks, and more! As you can see, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t hesitate to call us with any questions you might have about our mechanical bull rentals or other products and services. We have a team of staff that would be happy to answer any questions you might have.