Mechanical Bull Rentals

The Mechanical Bull is one of the most fun and memorable rides available for rental. Ever since the movie Urban Cowboy, people have wanted to try riding a mechanical bull. It provides so much entertainment for all ages. Great laughs for those riding the bull and those watching. Our commitment to safety is our number one priority. This commitment is accomplished with an intelligent and trained staff of professionals, who use the finest grade of equipment available with redundant safety procedures. We use safety precautions and methods that are proven standards to this industry. We have speed controls for spinning and bucking. So, our Cowboys can give each rider a custom ride based on their age, health condition, and skill level. Our bulls have inflatable bases for soft landings and rubber heads for safety. We have the largest selection of bulls in the Midwest to fit any theme. Choose a mechanical bull rental from the pictures below.

  • Mechanical Bull Rental
    Mechanical Bull Ride Deluxe
    $1,090 (4hrs)- 16'Lx16'Wx9'H
  • Mechanical Bull Rental
    Mechanical Bull Riding #3
    $995(4hrs) - 18'Lx18'W
  • Chicago Mechanical Bull Rental #02
    $995(4hrs) - 15 roundx11'H
  • Mechanical Bull #01
    $995(4hrs) - 16 round x 9' H