Money Machine Rental – Carol Stream, Oak Park, Saint Charles, Bartlett


Money machines draw spectators, contestants, and a general crowd like no other party rental we offer. These are truly party favorites. We’ve been in the party rental business for decades now, and party machine rentals are some of our top-selling products.

Our money machine rentals work simply. The player enters the booth, and tries to grab as much money as they can before time runs out. It’s not easy though – a fan in the booth sends the money flying everywhere. Each money machine rental comes with safety goggles, and a roll of realistic paper money. We have a few recommended rules that work to keep everything fair and competitive. For example, players may only start grabbing money when an attendant says “go!” This is to prevent them from grabbing stuff before the money is in motion. Of course, it’s your money machine rental, you are free to ignore the rules and make up your own!


Our premium money machine rental. The money machine has a hard case, making it more sturdy and aesthetically pleasing than our soft shell money machine. It has some additional features as well.Money Machine Rental

  • Red Light Beacon to attract a crowd
  • LCD Timer
  • Programmable LCD Scrolling Message
  • Crystal clear 360 degree view
  • Easy to get in and out of
  • We provide a roll of play-money
  • Pair of safety glasses

This one is great for corporate events, company christmas parties, school socials, and so on.


moneymachineThis is the cheaper alternative to the hard case money machine rental. We have two differently themed soft case money machines. You can check out how they look in the product gallery at the bottom of this page. The benefit of these machines is that they’re cheaper by half, but aren’t as aesthetically pleasing, large, and lack some of the flashier features like the light beacon, and LCD screen. They work the same though.

These are great for smaller parties, like birthday parties, block parties, etc.

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