Money machine rentals draw a crowd like no other prize equipment out there. Guests will flock at the chance to win prizes, and our money machines will provide real, lasting entertainment.  Use our play money to represent real cash or prizes, fill it with your own cash, make up your own rules, follow our recommended set – its up to you.

We have two different kinds of money machine rentals available.


Money Machine RentalThis money machine rentals features a solid exterior, flashing beacon light, programmable scrolling LED message, LED timer, transparent windows for a nearly 360 degrees of vision, and other features. Our hard shell machine can fit a full grown adult, and is typically used for company and corporate events. plenty of schools have rented it as well – its great for dances, socials, raffles, fundraisers, and more.





moneymachineThis is the cheaper money machine rental. The exterior is a softer, more flexible vinyl-like material. It still has the transparent windows for vision of the action inside. However, its missing some of the flashier features of the hard shell machine like the LED screens, beacon light, etc. It still functions the same, and gets the job done. Typically rented for smaller events, or where most of the players will be kids.

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The value in a money machine rental from The Fun Ones is not just in the product its self. We provide excellent customer service to everyone that does business with us. We have 24/7 support for the duration of your event, and will work with you to help plan the party, and make sure your rental works perfectly in the context of your event. We deliver these your money machine rental to your venue, so if you’re having a Christmas party in Downers Grove, a festival in Northbrook, a school social in Bolingbrook, or a Park Ridge block party – we’ll be there.

  • Checkered inflatable arch rental Chicago
    Black & Green Inflatable Arch Rental
    $250 - 25'Wx10'Lx18'H
  • old fashioned prize wheel rental Chicago
    Vintage Prize Wheel
    $95- 30" diameter
  • Money Blowing Machine
    $250- 6'Lx5'Wx7'H
  • LED Prize wheel rental Chicago
    LED Prize Wheel
  • Money Prize Wheel 6 Foot Stand
    $135- 3'Wx6'H
  • Color Wheel Carnival Game
    $55- 27"Lx29"Wx34"H
  • Money Prize Wheel Table Top
  • Pocket Prize Wheel
    $135- Varies(table top or 6ft stand)