The Fun Ones has a ton of experience renting out party equipment to events all over the greater Chicagoland are, and in most of Illinois. We even occassionally rent to surrounding states! In all of our experience, we’ve found that a money machine rental is the best way to gather a crowd. Everybody wants a prize, a vacation day, or just some cash – and a money machine gives your guests just this chance.

We offer two types of money machine rentals – a hard case money machine, and a soft case money machine.


This money machine rental is usually used in a corporate or official context. Company Christmas parties, school socials, corporate Money Machine Rentalevents, etc. This money machine is always a crowd pleaser.

  • Hard, sturdy case with transparent windows that offer a nearly 360 degree view of the action.
  • A flashy red beacon light on top of the booth to draw a crowd.
  • A programmable scrolling LCD message and LCD timer
  • We include a pair of safety goggles and a roll of realistic play-money
  • There is also an optional attendant to run the machine and keep the line moving


moneymachineA soft-exterior, smaller version of our money machine. We have this one in two different themes as well. The principle is the same, grab as much money as possible while its in the air. The difference is the size and material. This machine is generally better for smaller parties

  • Cheaper rental price
  • Great for kids
  • Malleable, flexible material with 3 large transparent windows
  • We include safety goggles and a roll of play-money
  • Optional money machine attendant

The Fun Ones is a well stocked party rental company. We have way more stuff than party machine rentals. There are some things that you wouldn’t believe you can rent – we’ve got mechanical bulls, ziplines, rock climbing walls, moonjumps, and more.

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  • Pocket Prize Wheel
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