Money Machine Rental – Glen Ellyn, Evanston, Elk Grove Village, Woodridge

A money machine rental is a surefire way to draw a crowd. Everyone love prizes and a chance at free money – so a money machine is a guaranteed hit at almost any party. Corporate parties in Glen Ellyn, fundraisers in Woodridge, company Christmas parties in Evanston, casino nights in Elk Grove Village, etc.

Money Machine Rental


Our flashier, more solid money machine rental. Has a hard frame and offers a nearly 360 degree view of the frenzy inside.

  • Red beacon light to attract attention
  • Programmable LCD message
  • LCD timer
  • Safety goggles for eye protection
  • Optional attendant to supervise
  • Includes a roll of realistic play-money
  • Great for corporate parties

You can’t go wrong with this one. Our hard shell money machine rental has proven itsself as a favorite party rental time and time again.



Our more budget-friendly, small-party-oriented money machine rental. These are generally rented for smaller parties, or where the machine will be primarily used by kids. Adults can still fit, but our hard case is more comfortable

  • Much cheaper rental price at the cost of features and material
  • Still comes with goggles
  • We can provide an attendant to supervise if you like
  • Comes with a roll of realistic play money
  • Good for smaller parties

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