A money machine rental is a great tool/attraction for fundraisers, corporate parties, school socials, and more. It’s a fun way to give out a collection of prizes, or can be used as something to reward good employees, raffle winners, etc. Everyone wants a chance to win some cash or prizes, and our money machine rentals are guaranteed to draw a crowd.

We have two types of money machine rentals – a hard case, and a soft case:


This is our most popular money machine. It has several features Money Machine Rentalthat make it really flashy, and allow it to inspire excitement and anticipation in spectators and participants.

  • Red Beacon Light on the top of the machine to attract people and create spectacle
  • LED Timer to inform the player and spectators of how much time is left
  • Customizable scrolling LED message strip
  • We provide safety goggles and a roll of paper play money
  • Make your own rules – the machine is yours to use how you wish
  • We can optionally provide an attendant to run the machine and keep the line moving


The difference between this money machine and the hard case moneymachinemoney machine is mainly aesthetic. The exterior casing is a soft vinyl. The machine is also slightly smaller. This machine is generally used for smaller parties, where the players are kids or teenagers.

  • Perfect for school socials and dances
  • Functions the same as the hard case, but lacks some of the flashier features
  • We provide play money and safety goggles
  • Optional attendant to run the machine and keep everything going smoothly

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Give us a call if there’s something you’d like to know about our money machine rentals or other party equipment/services.

  • Checkered inflatable arch rental Chicago
    Black & Green Inflatable Arch Rental
    $250 - 25'Wx10'Lx18'H
  • old fashioned prize wheel rental Chicago
    Vintage Prize Wheel
    $95- 30" diameter
  • Money Blowing Machine
    $250- 6'Lx5'Wx7'H
  • LED Prize wheel rental Chicago
    LED Prize Wheel
  • Money Prize Wheel 6 Foot Stand
    $135- 3'Wx6'H
  • Color Wheel Carnival Game
    $55- 27"Lx29"Wx34"H
  • Money Prize Wheel Table Top
  • Pocket Prize Wheel
    $135- Varies(table top or 6ft stand)