Frozen Margarita Drink Machine Rentals

Every party needs a beverage so why not set your party apart from the typical pop and lemonade choices and serve your guests a fun frozen drink? Our frozen drink machines can be used for adults and kids. It’s convenient and versatile. It can be used as a frozen margarita drink machine, fruit smoothie machine, slush puppie, or Icee machine. In just 8 seconds you can have a refreshing, flavored, frozen drink and all you need is ice and the pitcher and variety of mixtures we supply. Just think, a different drink to please the tastes of all your guests with a convenient push of a button. With just one machine you can have frozen margaritas, pina coladas, frozen lemonade, fruit smoothies and even ice cream shakes. This machine is a great accessory to any party whether it be an after hours office party, corporate event, holiday party, ice cream social, school fun fair, church carnival or children’s birthday party… Make it a fun one and serve frozen drinks for a really “cool” party.