Pedestal Joust Rental – Carol Stream, Oak Park, Saint Charles, Bartlett

Pedestal Joust Rental for Carol Stream, Oak Park, Saint Charles, and Bartlett.

Our pedestal joust rentals have consistently proven themselves to be a favorite at all kindsPedestal Joust Rental of Illinois events for both kids and adults. Everyone has at some point in their life wanted to compete against their friends in a gladiator-style arena, and now you can! The game works like this: 2 or 4 players (depending on which model you choose to rent) enter the ring and don their headgear. They are given giant joust poles and mount their respective pedestals. Then the fight begins, and whoever can knock their opponent off their pedestal wins! The game appeals to a wide age group, and is totally safe.  Perfect for carnivals in Oak Park or Saint Charles, school events in Bartlett, or festivals in Carol Stream. They’re even sometimes rented for corporate events. You can have fun with these things no matter how old you are – it’s all about attitude.

  • $495.00 for the 2-player pedestal/gladiator jousts
  • $695.00 for the 4-player pedestal joust
  • 3 models available –a two-player gladiator joust, a two-player pedestal joust, and a four-player pedestal joust.
  • We can set these pedestal joust rentals up anywhere; grass, concrete, in a gym, wherever. You name it, and it shall be done.
  • A dedicated 20-amp circuit is required to power the air blower that keeps the ring inflated.
  • You won’t find an easier renting experience anywhere else. We deliver, set up, maintain, and (optionally) supervise the inflatable joust rental. When the party ends, we pack it up and take it away. It’s that simple.
  • Throughput: 2-Player Jousts: 40 players/hour, 4-Player Joust: 80 players/hour
  • We provide a 24/7 emergency support hotline that you can reach us by day or night if you run into problems with any of our problems.

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