Pedestal Joust Rental – Elmhurst, Skokie, Westmont, Burr Ridge

Pedestal Joust Rental for Elmhurst, Skokie, Westmont, and Burr Ridge

Our pedestal joust rentals bring every kid’s (and adult’s) gladiator fantasy to life. EveryonePedestal Joust Rental has at some point wanted to fight their friends in a gladiator-style arena, and now they can. 2-4 players enter the ring and mount their pedestals. They’re given giant joust poles and protective headgear and the glorious combat begins. Whoever knocks their opponent off their pedestal first is crowned the champion and will live on in the annals of history for all eternity. You can play the game however you like. Maybe you want to have a 2v2 fight, or make it a 4-way free for all. Maybe the reigning champion stays in the ring until some brave warrior can dethrone them. It’s all up to you.

These are perfect for block parties in Elmhurst, carnivals in Westmont, school events in Burr Ridge, or festivals in Skokie. Whatever the event, having one of these there gives it a good chance of livening right up. Here are the specifics:

  • $495.00 for the 2-player pedestal/gladiator jousts
  • $695.00 for the 4-player pedestal joust
  • 3 models available –a two-player gladiator joust, a two-player pedestal joust, and a four-player pedestal joust.
  • We can set these pedestal joust rentals up anywhere; grass, concrete, in a gym, wherever. You name it, and it shall be done.
  • A dedicated 20-amp circuit is required to power the air blower that keeps the ring inflated.
  • You won’t find an easier renting experience anywhere else. We deliver, set up, maintain, and (optionally) supervise the inflatable joust rental. When the party ends, we pack it up and take it away. It’s that simple.
  • Throughput: 2-Player Jousts: 40 players/hour, 4-Player Joust: 80 players/hour
  • We provide a 24/7 emergency support hotline that you can reach us by day or night if you run into problems with any of our problems.

The Fun Ones is a complete party rental company so we have a ton of other stuff that’s similar to our pedestal joust rentals. Customers that look at these pedestal jousts often check out our bounce houses, inflatable obstacle courses, zip lines rentals, and mechanical bulls. Take a look around our site, there’s bound to be something for that’s perfect for your party.

If you have any questions about our pedestal jousts, don’t hesitate to contact us! You can call, email, or event try out our live chat system at the bottom right of the website!