Ping Pong Table Rental – Oak Brook, Batavia, Glenview, Lincolnshire


Ping pong is one of those universally loved games that brightens the atmosphere anywhere it’s present. Our ping pong tables have long ping_pong_table_rentalproven themselves to be favorites at corporate parties in Oak Brook, colege events in Glenview and Batavia, and festivals in Lincolnshire. Something about the game inspires a level of festivity and camaraderie that you would be hard pressed to find at another party. You can play ping pong casually or competitively, and even a complete beginner can learn the ropes in no time. Keep reading for the details!

What makes us different from the other party rental companies out there? The answer is simple – it’s the level of service and support that we offer our clients. Not only do we deliver all your party rentals to your venue, but we install it, and take it away when the event is over! You even get a 24/7 support hotline that you can reach us by in case you run into any issues. Rest assured, we’ll be there if you need us. This level of support is completely unique to this company, and we find that after renting from The Fun Ones, our customers are loyal for life. Check out the details:

  • Costs $195.00 per day
  • Includes regulation size ping pong table, balls, and paddles
  • We provide 24/7 support should you need it (check the top of your rental contract for the support hotline phone number)
  • You can choose to hire one of our trained employees to supervise the table for the duration of the event
  • Totally hassle free for you – we do everything from delivery, to installation, to return. All of this is included with the product rental

We are a comprehensive rental company! We do way more than just ping pong table rentals. We have arcade machinesgame consolesair hockey tablesshuffle board tablesfoosball tables, and pool tables! Something for any kind of party.

Give us a call or send us an email if you have any questions!