Pool Table Rental – Hinsdale, Wilmette, Bloomingdale, Clarendon Hills


Many kinds of parties and events can benefit from having a pool table there. A pool table rental can bring excitement and pool-table-rentalcompetition to a party, and give the guests something to spectate! Pool is universally loved and understood, so there’s a good chance that many people at an event know how to play. Even if they don’t, pool is an incredibly easy game to pick up. Our pool table rentals are great for many kinds of events – birthdays in Hinsdale, corporate parties in Wilmette, casino nights in Bloomingdale, and even bachelor parties in Clarendon Hills.

The Fun Ones is dedicated towards providing you with the highest level of customer service and support possible. When you order a pool table rental from us, we do our best to make the whole process as easy as possible for you. We deliver the pool table rental, set it up, and leave you with a phone number that you can use day or night to contact us if you run into problems. When your event is over, we take it back with us. You never have to do anything!

  • Our pool table rental costs $395 per day.
  • We include all accessories with it – a rack of pool cues, balls, chalk, table hand brooms, and ball racks.
  • Our pool tables feature a solid aluminium single-piece of slate, allowing for a perfectly flat playing surface.
  • Our ball return chute is designed in such a way as to eliminate the possibility of stuck balls.
  • The dual density cushion rail rubber delivers a consistent bounce.
  • We also have a unique, stain resistant cloth so even if there is a spill, the pool table is still in relatively good condition.

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