Pool Table Rental – Lombard, Lemont, Orland Park, Romeoville


Nothing brings about an atmosphere of friendly competition like a pool table rental. Pool tables are always a favorite at all kinds of pool-table-rentalevents due to how many variations of the game there are and how easy it is to pick up as a beginner. You might be planning a coporate party in Lombard, a casino night in Lemont, a bachelor party in Orland Park, or just a birthday party in Romeoville – whatever the event is, chances are a pool table will do you good.

We’ve been in the party rental business a long time and we owe our success to our attention to customer service and support. Most party rental companies require you to do your own pick ups, installation, and returns, and leave you hanging if you have problems. We deliver your rentals, set them up, make sure they work, and even give you a 24/7 support hotline that you can use to contact us if you run into issues. Here are the details on the pool table rentals themselves:

  • $395 per day of rental.
  • Rental includes a rack of pool cues, balls, chalk, table hand brooms, and ball racks.
  • Ball return chute design eliminates the chance of stuck balls.
  • Pool table features a solid aluminium slate support for structural integrity and a flat playing surface.
  • Solid, one-piece slate.
  • Pool table rental also features a stain resistant cloth.
  • Dual Density cushion rail rubber delivers a consistent bounce.

Customers interested in our pool tables also frequently check out our arcade machines, basketball games, and tv game systems. We’ve also got a bunch of other crazy fun party rentals on our site. We promise that there is something for you no matter what kind of event you’re having. If you’re so inclined, we recommend you check it out.

Contact us with any questions you might have regarding our pool table rentals or other party rentals.