Popcorn Concession Machine Rentals

Are you looking to make your party really fun? Then you need FUN food! We can supply all your popcorn concession machine rental needs to really make your party…a party! Let the smell of hot buttery popcorn capture everyone’s attention. The popcorn popper is perfect for carnivals, birthday parties, or picnics! Supplies come with popcorn/oil/salt kits and bags.

Rent a top quality popcorn machine for your next party. The popcorn machine will do all the work, while you and your guests enjoy the smells of theater style popcorn. Our popcorn machines are commercial quality with 6oz kettles, heat lamps and warming decks. Your popcorn will remain fresh & hot for hours.

Popcorn Machines FAQ

Can anyone run the popcorn machine?

No. The operator must be a minimum age of 18 years old. The popcorn kettle gets extremely hot and can burn someone’s hand if they are not careful.

Can we pick up the popcorn machine?

Yes. The popcorn machine can be placed into just about any vehicle. The easiest way to transport it is in the back or an SUV or Minivan. However, in can also be transported in a large car seat with the seat belt holding it in place. WARNING: Machine is made of metal and has many corners on it. You will want to bring protection for your car seats to prevent any damage to your seats.

Can we use our own popcorn supplies in the machine?

Yes. However, we can not guarantee the performance of the machine since we have only tested it with our pre-measured kits.

How do we clean the popcorn machine?

Another great reason to rent from The Fun Ones is that you do not need to clean the machine. We will clean the machine. The only thing that we ask is that you wipe out the bottom of the machine and dump the kernel tray so that popcorn is not spilled during transportation.

How much electricity is required?

An electrical outlet with 10.5 amps (1250 watts) is required to run the popcorn machine. All concession machines come with a 3 foot cord. If you can not place the machine close to an outlet, a 12 gauge extension cord is required. If you do not own a 12 gauge extension cord, we can rent one to you to prevent any electrical problems.

Where can I place the popcorn machine?

Popcorn machines weigh around 70 pounds. Therefore, they must be placed on a sturdy table A folding card table will NOT be sufficient. The best place to put a popcorn machine is on a popcorn cart that is specifically made for the machine. However, a counter top or commercial banquet table is also recommended.

  • Popcorn Machine Rental
  • 8 oz Popcorn Kit
    $20/extra kit of 75 servings
  • Popcorn Bags
    $40 3.5" x 2.25" x 8"