7-11 Carnival Game Rental

7-11 Carnival Game

7-11 Carnival Game Rental

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The Fun Ones offers the best selection of carnival games including our 7-11 Carnival Game rental for events in Aurora, Naperville, West Chicago and the surrounding suburban area. Our carnival games will add fun and excitement to your next school carnival, fun fair, birthday party or fundraiser.


The 7-11 Carnival Game rental is a fast paced game of luck and strategy that combines basic math skills and play for players 6 and older. You will need a table for set up, or the game can be placed on the floor for younger kids. Players roll the plastic balls down the lanes to try to add up their score to equal 7 or 11. This colorful, vintage style game will be a great way to stretch your budget with its bargain price. We provide all playing pieces with the game rental. Our 7-11 Carnival Game measures 28 inches long, 15 inches wide, and 10 inches tall. No electricity is required, just a table for set up that will provide a space for the game. Volunteers will love this game as the game pieces will stay on the playing surface for easy scoring.

You can combine the 7-11 carnival game rental with some of our other fun games or inflatable activities to create a fun filled event. Add in some fun food machines to complete a custom package. Other fun games that will test your luck would be Dice Roll, Spin and Win, or Plinko to name a few. 7-11 Carnival Game RentalAsk us about special order prizes to reward the lucky winners.

Contact our team of event planners to request your date and activities. We have years of experience to share with you, and help make your next school carnival, fun fair, church event or festival in Aurora, Naperville, West Chicago a success.



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