Shock Wave

Carnival Games Downers Grove- Shock Wave

Carnival Games Downers Grove-Shock Wave

Carnival Games Downers Grove is just one example of what we have to offer and where. We have many games to offer and the Shock Wave carnival game rental is one of them! This is a true test of skill that is a unique game which challenges the players to try to trace the metal wire with a loop on a handle without causing the buzzer to go off. The Shock Wave carnival game rental takes a lot of concentration and a very steady hand to complete the route up or down the twisty bent wire. Shock Wave is battery powered and also provides great sound effects. Watching the action is also part of the fun as players wait for their turn.

Shock-Wave-Close-up-with-hand-SML113Set up of the Shock Wave carnival game rental includes colorful striped skirting around the base of the bin game to complete the carnival look. Add the Shock Wave carnival game rental to your list when creating a custom games package for your next Fun Fair or carnival event. You may want to try some of our other skill games such as Anti Gravity or Crazy Driver for even more challenges! Add on a fun food machine and one of our inflatables to complete your activities.

The target age recommended for playing the Shock Wave carnival game rental would be 8 years old and up. Players will need to be able to reach the game comfortably, and keep a very steady hand to complete the task of tracing the wire with the loop.

This doesn’t pertain to all the Carnival Games Downers Grove but you can certainly call if you need these special requirements to any other game. Please allow a space of at least 4 ft wide X 4 ft long to play Shock Wave carnival game comfortably. We include everything needed to play the game.

Even though we offer carnival games Downers Grove, we love to have people come to our warehouse and see what we have to offer! Schedule a visit day to try this one out for Shock-Wave-Close-up-SML113yourself! Our experienced event planners can assist you with planning your next event in Chicago, Downers Grove, Wheaton or Carol Stream. We have everything you would need for a successful School Fun Fair, Purim Carnival, festival or residential party. Even though our Carnival Games Downers Grove selection is pretty big, we suggest booking your event early to ensure all the equipment is available for your date. So call today!