Colors Carnival Game Rental

Colors Carnival Game Rental

Color Wheel Carnival Game

Color Wheel Carnival GameTrue to its name, our Colors carnival game rental will add a pop of color to your Fun Fair, carnival, or birthday party. Players pick their favorite color from the seven choices. Each color is repeated multiple times to help lower the odds for more winners! Players toss three colorful balls into the playing area in the bin to try to land in a space that matches their color. This game of luck is fun for all ages and comes with legs and striped skirting to complete the festive look.  Our Colors carnival game rental can also be placed directly on the floor for younger players.

Combine the Colors carnival game rental with some of our other classic and colorful games to create a custom package for your next school Fun Fair or carnival event. This is a game that would be perfect for a home birthday party to add a splash of color to the activities. We also offer fun food machines and many inflatable activities including themed playgrounds for the younger children.

We recommend that Colors carnival game rental have a target age range of 3 years old and up. Players will only need to be able to chose a color and toss in the balls to see if they can match up the colors.Color Wheel Carnival Game


Please allow an area of at least 4 ft wide X 6 ft long to play our Colors carnival game rental comfortably. The throwing line can be moved as close as needed for the younger players.

Let our experienced staff of event planners assist you with your next party in Streamwood, Glen Ellyn, Elmhurst, or Carol Stream. We have everything you will need for your special event from carnival games  to art activities like Spin Art, as well as child size tables and chairs!

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