Cruisin USA Twin Driving Arcade Machine

Cruisin USA Twin Driving Arcade Machine

adult-contentCruisin  USA  is the game that set the standard for video car driving games in the arcades. The Cruisin USA games can be played individually or networked for head to head competition via split – screen display. The game takes the player on an exhilarating 3,000 mile journey along the highways and byways of our great country. Should you find time to sightsee during your manic joyride, you will be awed by the incredible scenery that unfolds as you speed headlong across America. You will see sights like the Grand Canyon, The St. Louis Arch, or the Whitehouse. You can also choose a single phase race from ten available courses.

To start your race, you have a choice of four autos and three bonus vehicles. The player competes against eight computer controlled drivers while avoiding oncoming traffic and others obstacles. To move to the next track the player must reach first place.

Whenever you finish the race you unlock either a new color or new vehicle depending on the difficulty completed. Each new color represents a performance upgrade.

-5 difficulty settings

– 2 transmission types

– customizable  traffic

For even more exciting driving action try our San Francisco Rush 2049 San Francisco Rush 2049 features 6 Race tracks, 4 Stunt arenas, 8 Battle arenas, and 1 Obstacle course.  The goal is to collect gold and silver coins to unlock additional race and stunt courses.  But what really sets it apart from the pack are the game’s massively addictive Stunt and Battle Modes,
usaboth of which support network more for head to head driving competition.  Look out for side street short cuts and smash and crash into your opponents. You can also perform wild, daring wheelies, jumps, and rolls on stunt courses and try to land safely to accumulate points. Generally as the game progresses in circuit mode, the drones become very difficult to beat, and the shortcuts may end up being the only way to place 1st. The hidden shortcuts and jumps add to the replay value of the game.

(Dimensions 34″W x 64″L x 78″H)

(Power 120v AC, 5amps)