Dice Match 3 Carnival Game

Carnival Games in Naperville- Dice Match 3 Carnival Game

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Dice Match 3If you need to rent carnival games for an event in Naperville, Carol Stream, Chicago or the surrounding suburbs, you may want to start with our Dice Match 3. This fun, high action dice game has players test their luck to see if the can match three numbers on the oversized dice. Players roll the five dice down an angled chute. If they match 3 on the first roll, they win right away. If not, they have a second chance to succeed at Dice Match 3. They can roll any of the dice on a second turn to see if they can turn their luck around and match three numbers. This game will require a 6-foot long table for set up.

Combine our Dice Match 3 carnival game rental with some of our other fun games of chance and skill to create your own custom games package. Our original Dice Roll, Color Wheel or Plinko would be great choices for more games of chance. Add in some of our fun food machines and an interactive inflatable activity like a slide, moon jump or obstacle course for a complete event package. We offer packages in all budgets, with special themes available when you need to rent carnival games in Naperville or the Chicago area for your Fun Fair or School Carnival.

We recommend that the target age to play Dice Match 3 would be at least 6 years old and up. The game is set up on a table, and the player would need to be able to reach to the top of the game to toss in the dice. No other skills are needed. The player will just need to be able to recognize if they have matched the numbers and pick which dice they would like to roll again.

The space required to play Dice Match 3 would be 4 ft wide by 7 ft long. We provide all the game pieces to play, you would just need to provide a table for set up.

The experienced staff of event planners at The Fun Ones is here to assist you when you need to rent carnival games in Naperville, Chicago, Aurora or the surrounding suburbs. We can help make your next Church Festival, School Carnival, or Fun Fair a Fun One!