Unlock The Door Carnival Rental

Elgin Carnival Game Rental-Unlock The Door

Unlock The Door Carnival Rental

Our Elgin carnival game rentals have a game for each person that is attending you next special event! Try our Unlock the Door carnival game rental for a fun and unique addition to your next event. Can you Unlock The Door? Players pick out a key from a dozen keys in a container to see if they have chosen one of the lucky ones that opens the door.  One in 6 keys will be a winner. Unlock The Door carnival game rental comes in a colorful free standing bin. Small prizes can be stored in the game behind the door for added fun! Unlock the Door carnival game rental is a great addition to any School Carnival or Fun Fair. Unlock The Door comes with striped skirting that surrounds the base of the game to complete the colorful set up.

Volunteers will like this game since there are no balls or bean bags to chase or pieces to re-set on the game. Add some of our other fun games of chance like the Color Wheel or Dice Roll to create a custom games package. We also offer a great selection of inflatable activities and fun food machines to supply all your special event needs.

The recommended target age to Play Unlock The Door carnival game rental should be 4 years old and up. This game contains some small parts. Players will only need a little luck to pick out the right key that will open the lock. Volunteers can assist the younger players with trying the key if they need help. Luck is the “key” to this game! These requirements do not all pertain to each of our Elgin carnival game rentals-these will vary.Unlock The Door Close Up SML 2

Please allow a space of 4 ft wide X 4 ft long to play the game comfortably. We provide all the accessories for playing the game, you will only need to provide a volunteer and players. These space requirements will also vary with each of our Elgin carnival game rentals as well as our other rentals.

Our experienced event planners can help you plan your next event in Naperville, Elgin, Chicago or Carol Stream. We can take the stress and work out of planning events for you whether they are large or small, we specialize in Fun Fairs, School Carnival and Purim Carnivals. So call today and book one of our many games in our Elgin carnival game rentals or one of the many other games that we have to offer.