Pinball Carnival Game

Pinball Carnival Game- Schaumburg, Hanover Park, Elgin, IL

Pinball Carnival Game

Pinball Carnival GameOur Pinball Carnival Game rental is a unique wood table top game that requires skill and good aim. Players roll 3 colorful rubber balls down the lane from behind the foul line to try to topple over at least 4 of the pins. They must land the pins entirely in the green space behind the pin set area. Pins are placed on starred spaces on the wood lane. The pins resemble vintage game board pieces. Our Pinball Carnival Game rental is a classic style game that will be a great addition to any Fun Fair, carnival, or board game theme party in Schaumburg, Hanover Park, or Elgin IL Requires a table for set up.


Pinball Win SML 2Items Required: The only thing we ask the customer to provide is a hard surface to set the Pinball Carnival Game on. Other than that we will provide the rest that is needed to play.

Targeted Audience: Anyone that can reach to play is fine. We suggest this game was made more for anyone 6 years of age and older. Space Requirements: This varies depending on the size of the table the customer provides. We recommend an area of at least 61″L X 17″W X 10″H in order to play the game comfortably.If you have a school event or just a residential birthday party and would like to get something different be sure to call us today! Our staff will be more than happy to suggest different carnival game rentals that will go along with your theme. Weather you are interested in renting 15 games or just one we will be more than happy to help! Not only do we carry carnival games but concession and inflatable moonwalks too! Not to mention we even have rock walls and mechanical bulls! We mean it when we say we have something for everyone! Call today to book a private tour so you can see how we clean and sanitize our equipment!


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