5 Pin Bowling Carnival Game Rental

School Carnival in Chicago- 5 Pin Bowling Carnival Game Rental

5 Pin Bowling

5 Pin BowlingIf you are planning a School Carnival in Chicago, Aurora, Carol Stream or the surrounding suburbs, consider our 5 Pin Bowing carnival game rental to add a challenge for your older guests. This classic carnival game is one of the more unique, and difficult of all of our carnival games. Players slide a weighted metal puck down the bowling lane to try to flip the wood pins over. The challenge is to flip four pins with just three tries. This would mean flipping over two pins on at least one of the turns. Please provide a 6-foot long table for the set up of 5 Pin Bowling.

For some other fun bowling games, you may like Cosmic Bowling, Bowings or our World Class Bowling arcade game for your event. We also offer Human Bowling for a super sized activity. Combine your games with some of our fun food machines for a concession stand and interactive inflatable activities for a complete event package.

The Target age group recommended for playing the 5 Pin Bowling game at your School Carnival in Chicago or the surrounding suburbs would be at least age 10 and up. Players are challenged to use careful aim and strategy to win at this game. The rules may be changed to suit younger players if needed by allowing more turns to flip the pins.

Please allow a space of at least 7 ft long by 4 feet wide to play 5 Pin Bowling carnival game rental comfortably. This game does require a 6-foot long table for set up but we will provide all other game pieces needed to play.

The experienced staff of event planners at The Fun Ones can help make your event a success whether you are planning a School Carnival in Chicago, or a Fun Fair in Naperville, we can help take the work out of coordinating your activities, games and prizes if requested. Let us bring the fun to you!

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